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The Times They Are A Changin'

For me at least. To begin with, a warning to you all. You know how you keep hearing reports about the ways stress can effect you physically? Turns out it's not a bunch of BS. It's a long story and, no worries, it's not *that* serious, but I now have medical confirmation that my body was reacting adversely to all the crap that runs through my psyche. So, I'm on day two of trying to let things go. For instance, yesterday was the end of he month. Did I get all the client expenses entered into the system? Noooooo. Did the world stop spinning on it's axis? Noooooo. Did I leave work without being nearly brought to tears and a splitting headache? Yeeeess.

In other news, I don't know if it's my advancing years or the current state of the music industry, but my musical tastes seemed to have changed drastically. In the last week I've purchased new releases by Jamie Cullum (I highly recommend checking him out - think Jazz Pop. He does a remarkable version of 'I Could Have Danced All Night'), Joss Stone, The Rat Pack (I knew Dean and Frank were good, but, honestly, I never knew Sammy was that good), and Bobby Darin (Anna, there's a live version of 'Mack the Knife'!).

Many of you have probably already seen the new pretty pictures of Sarah, James, and David. Sarah is this weeks Entertainment Weekly cover girl and has a rather large photo spread inside (that bitch! ;). Scans can be found HERE and the other cover can be seen HERE.
Personally, I like the second cover better.

And James and David apparently have posed for some shots to be sold at the big Halloween event in England this month. I don't know which I'm more impressed by that David looks as good as he did when I saw him in May or that ::gasp:: James is looking age appropriate. Assuming the photos pop up for sale on the net, I may need to pick up a copy. :)

Elizabeth Anne Allen was on JAG tonight. I wish I had known. I probably would have tuned in from the beginning instead of only catching the last fifteen minutes.
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