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It's A Buffypalooza In My Mailbox

This evening I arrived home to discover in my mailbox the new Entertainment Weekly with Sarah on the cover *and* my 'Dead Things' and 'Gone' dailies. Woo Hoo!

Yes, I will do my long winded dailies recap at a later date. So far I've only watched about an hour and a quarter of disc one of the DT dailies and am currently watching disc two (nerd stuff that doesn't require my undivided attention ;).

I will give you one tidbit of interest. A tidbit I could so see being twisted but that I found hilarious. During a scene that takes place at the DMP, you hear the director tell Sarah to "move to your right please". Sarah stops, turns around, and shouts "Don't tell me what to do." Yes, it's said jokingly and garners a big laugh on the set, but can't you just imagine certain 'fans' taking that out of context?

This evening I also managed to catch last week's episode of Veronica Mars of which I missed the last half. I had tuned in assuming I'd be seeing the third episode. With the debates and some UPN affiliates pre-empting the ep, I guess the network decided to air a rerun. On the bright side, I enjoyed the rest of the ep enough to keep tuning in. I was thankful to hear they cut back on the voiceovers. Oh, and I now get why, when I first saw Troy last week, I thought it was Shawn Ashmore who plays 'Iceman' in the X-Men movies - it's his brother Aaron. :p

And because molly_may admited today that she doesn't like the show either, here's my rant about 'Jack and Bobby'...

Over the years I've been disappointed, upset, even pissed off at characters and plot twists in series television. It's even fair to say I've gotten angry over an entire episode here and there (please reference my vexation at 'Dead Man's Party', 'Into the Woods', and 'As You Were'). But, I don't recall ever being so outraged at an entire series as I have been with Jack and Bobby. The forth episode aired this week - my last.

The critics seem to love or at least like it. I see on LJ it has it's fans. So what am I not seeing or getting?

I can't say it's not well written or acted. Maybe too well acted. Normally, I enjoy watching Christine Lahti, on this show I despise her. Self-righteous, self-absorbed, arrogant, know-it-all shrew only begins to scratch the surface. Hell, she even has my siding with Jack and Bobby's dead beat dad for walking out. I can't stand watching her for an hour, how can anyone stand living with her? That Jack hasn't run away yet shows incredible strength of character.

Though, I'm not sure which is worse - the depiction of Ma McCallister? Her going on one of her judgemental self-serving tirades only to have someone challange her at the end of the episode so she suddenly sees the error of her ways? Or that not only is Jack America's greatest president ever apparently surpassing Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt (insert your own preference here), but now we discover is also a reverand?! Not just any reverand, but the bestest eva! because he stood up to all those sanctimonious, hypocritical individuals of a similar calling. (On a side note, I'm perplexed that his party, the Republican party, didn't want him, I'd think he'd be a dream candidate for many, if not all of them.) Next week they'll probably reveal that he won the Nobel Prize for, ya know, bringing about world peace. I'm sure he'll be up for sainthood by the series finale. :p

And what of poor Jack? From the sketchy information we've been given it would seem he dies relatively young. Of course, I'm sure his dying words inspired Bobby to such greatness.

Sigh. Sorry Bradley, I would have liked to have seen more of you. I can only hope Will Tippet makes a reappearance on Alias this season.
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