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I'm in a ranty mood

First off, $10 for a magazine! It's not even imported one either. It's the final issue of the Farscape official magazine. And, sucker that I am, I bought it. Last issue. And it did have an episode guide which is always handy to have plus some very nice photos.

Also picked up the current Buffy mag with SMG and JM on the cover. It was recommended to me and, again, nice pics and some decent articles it looks like. That was another $7. It's a sad day when you have to put magazines on your charge card. Plus, there is the whole fire hazzard aspect of my ever increasing, riculously large magazine collection.

Yesterday, I was listening to the latest Succubus Club broadcast and I don’t think I could have agreed more with the two women who host the show (sorry, I’ve only listened twice and can’t recall their names). There was one point in particular they made that I appreciated. One of the gals admited having some trepidation in watching the final episode. She assumed it would be good since it was penned by Joss (and both agreed it was a very satisfying ending) but she was worried it wouldn’t turn out as she wanted it to. Her point being that was her problem because, well, it was Joss’ show and he could do whatever he damn well pleased. There was further discussion - and thinly veiled criticism - of the Buffy fandom. Essentially, it’s the last episode of Buffy we will ever get, people should just sit back and enjoy instead of making themselves miserable over it.

Now, I point all this out because A) I totally agree with them and B) the show’s over and people still don’t get they have no control over what Joss will or will not do. After listening to the broadcast I was perusing a certain board and a certain thread in which people essentially had a laundry list of what they did and did not want to see on Angel next season. The hilarious part of all this - the stuff they absolutely did not want to see or hear of ever, ever again - Joss just this past week discussed in an interview with TV Guide. Let’s just say these folks should prepare to be bitterly disappointed. Of course, they could quit watching the show if they don’t like what they are seeing. Then again, that probably isn’t a logical solution for fans who think they can dictate to Joss what to do.

Speaking of delusional fans :p, writteninstars (HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Crystal!) and I were perusing and discussing various reports from the Chicago Con on Friday. I have to say, the vast majority of people were much like ourselves - fans but not fanatical. It was nice to meet James, he really does seem like a nice guy. But, having met him, I can honestly say it hasn’t altered my life in any significant way. This was not the defining moment of my existence; I do not play it over and over in my head.

It just seems that some individuals there felt better about themselves from the mere fact of being in his presence. This troubles me a bit. First, for the woman whose sense of self worth and well being is wrapped up in how a man or, in this case, celebrity appears to see them. And, secondly, for James when fans begin to take his generosity of spirit the wrong way. James does have the ability to make you feel special. He looks you in the eye, engages you on conversation, and speaks to you as if there aren’t a couple of hundred people behind you waiting their brief turn with him. But, what some people fail to get is he treats everybody this way. It’s simply his nature. I have a gut feeling that with the rather ‘devoted’ fan base James is accumulating, someday these Cons won't even be possible for him.

Ok, there are my rants for the evening. I have a couple more brief thoughts on the Buffy finale, but I’ll save those for later. I’d like my overseas friends to at least be able to read one of my entries. :p
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Say it ain't so
You mean meeting me didn't rock his world?

You sure?


I prolly forgot to tell him I was the Goddess of Sex, Vanilla and the smartest person I know.

Yeah, that's it. :)
Aw. I love your ranty mood! It doesn't hurt that I agree with everything you say. ;-)

Thank you for the birthday wishes, pumpkin! It's been awesome thus far. ::kiss kiss::
Rant away, my dear Asta, as I invariably agree with everything you said. As I said to Heidi and Verity at the Tom and Danny Con - how long is it going to be till all the fans that are so rabidly anti-Buffy, pro-AtS turn on Angel because of something that happens to Spike on the show? Some Spike fans like to mock Ducks, but honestly, Ducks are nothing compared to some of the stuff I've seen from the Spike boards. Not mentioning any names *coughbbbcough*.

The Succubus Club is great and I really wish I could have listened to it this year...I agree with everything Kitty and Candy say as well, and they have been critical of certain segments of fandom, which always gets big points with me.

I think if you count a thirty-second meeting with James as the defining moment of your life, the least of your worries is what happens on Buffy and/or Angel.

I'm always ready for a good rant :)
how long is it going to be till all the fans that are so rabidly anti-Buffy, pro-AtS turn on Angel because of something that happens to Spike on the show? Some Spike fans like to mock Ducks, but honestly, Ducks are nothing compared to some of the stuff I've seen from the Spike boards. Not mentioning any names *coughbbbcough*.

ITA with your statements. I'm just waiting for the first spoilers for Angel to come out and watch the current giddiness at what could be quickly deteriorate into another diatribe against Joss & Co. Unless they rename the show and make it all about a certain character they ain't going to be happy.

Yeah, some of the Spike boards that *cough* shall remain nameless, crack me up. Apparently the windows must be pretty dirty on that glass house of theirs. How someone can claim to be outraged and hurt for their ideas and feelings being attacked when they themselves have been doing the same thing for two years now is beyond me. Oh, wait, it's called hypocricy.
I love your rants, especially since I totally agree with all of them :)

Haven't listened to the latest Succubus Club, but I will tomorrow. The girls are right - any problems anyone has with the show is their own fault, not Joss'. The idea of a letter writing campaign to tell him what they want to see on the show is just so very wrong to me - art by committee, is that what he and the rest of us have to be subjected to? I hope he tunes them all out and does just what he wants. That's what art is, an personal expression by the artist, who hopes he or she can find a common audience for it. Judging by the last seven years, I'd say Joss has.

Regarding meeting James - you are so right. He is the type of person who treats everyone kindly, it's just his way. I mean, I did get a beautiful smile from him, but I also knew he wasn't undressing me with his eyes ;) The thing that concerns is that the people who put him on a pedastal will be the first to knock him off the moment he does something remotely human or even something they don't approve of. God help him then. But I think he'll still have enough fans who appreciate him for his work and for his affability.

And another Happy Birthday to the Goddess from Tennessee! :)

I Love a Good Rant
At the risk of being too agreeable, I have to say I love a good Rant. :)

Going to have to listen to the Succubus club. Those ladies are a hoot, and I have to say I agree with them a lot. Joss is going to write his own show, he was always going to write his own show, and if he cowtowed to the fans, I'd be on a road trip to sunny So. CA to kick him in the behind.

Basically, if a person is so unhappy with a series, they can use this nifty little device on the TV called the on/off switch. Works like the proverbial charm. Or, here's an idea. Write your (the royal "your") own show and see if you can do any better. Good luck.

I know a lot of people are into fanfic, and I have no bad things to say about it, really. Except there are some people that can't seem to tell the difference between what is the fiction on the series and what is the fiction they read on the internet. They read something "they" like, then want to the creator to go in that direction. And get very pissy when he/she doesn't fall into line. Well, unless the creator also wrote the fanfic, ain't gonna happen. I firmly believe this contributes to some of the more delusional out there in fandom.

Fandom. God help James. So, so glad for his sake he is in the stone age re: computers (his own words)so he doesn't know just how delusional some of the fans are. Okay, I'll just say it...downright *scary*. It's sad because he seems like a really nice guy who genuinely appreciates his fans and enjoys doing these cons for them. I too fear one day that won't be possible.

So, was I supposed to rant in my own Live Jornal, or was this okay Asta? ;)

Re: I Love a Good Rant
Ranting here is fine Cindy as long as you agree with me. ;)

You make a good point about fanfic. It's both a blessing (for us)and a curse (for ME). Fanfic allows us to enjoy 'what if?' scenerios as well as new stories long after the series is over. I read an absolutely wonderful post Chosen fic by cousinjean today. A very plausible scenerio of what could have happened immediately after the events in Chosen. Honestly, I could have seen it as episode 23 of this season it was so in character.

But, with the advent of fanfic, posting boards, internet groups, etc. and the knowledge that ME does read them, it gives fans the idea that they can influence creative decisions. And while there may be good ideas out there, how can any show placate milions of fans with millions of thoughts on how things should be done? It's impossible.

For every fanfic or post I've ever read where I've said "Damn, why couldn't they have done that", I've watched the show and said "Damn, why couldn't I have thought of that". :)

Re: I Love a Good Rant
Thanks Asta, for sharing your rant forum. ;) I'm sure I'll pull off a good rant myself if I ever post in my own Live Journal!

I'll check out that "Chosen" fanfic by cousinjean you mentioned. As I said, nothing against fanfic. Just "some" people can't seperate their unrealities and that's one of the reasons.

This blaming the creators for following their own path is the ugly side of fandom. Happens for just about every show. Or, anything people feel passionately about. I think maybe when a series ends or we get to summer reruns, feeling run especially high. There's an finality that people get frustrated about if they haven't gotten what they wanted. A feeling of being cheated because the payoff they think they've invested in didn't, well payoff for them.

I remember after season five when people were speculating about how Joss was going to bring Buffy back. No doubt there were plenty of fanfics about that. Joss said, gee there were a lot of interesting ideas out there, but everyone guessed wrong. :) They never fail to amaze me with what they come up with on BtVS.