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Yeah, I'm Late, Sue Me, I Got Over a Hundred Attorneys to Defend Me :p

Before I get to the expanded review of the DT balcony scene per several requests, I few other thoughts...

As many of you have already seen on LJ and elsewhere, James has landed a guest spot on The Mountain. Sure, I'd have prefered hearing CSI or Law & Order or Alias, but the guy has to work. If anyone wants to read a hilarious take on why James is the new Benedict Arnold and how sitting on his ass is better then earning money, check out whedonesque.

I'd was going to do a write up on Smallville but I'm still dumbstruck at, well, how dumb this weeks episode was. Did the writers just stop reading the scripts? Back when I went to college they kinda checked to make sure you graduated high school before the day before you showed up for orientation. Of course, my shock at that was outwieghed by my laughter at the fact we are suppose to believe Lois is only 18. That reaction shot of Chloe at the end was good. Five seconds of my life I won't ask for back.

Survivor really sucks and blows this season. Even Jeff can't make this group of knuckleheads remotely interesting.

OK, now for what you are really interested in the balcony scene...

To begin with, there is no way I can do justice to the scene, but I do think I can explain why it suddenly left me going GUH. After watching the dailies, I watched the aired version of the scene. What UPN broadcast was an implied version, sure, we understood what was happening, but we didn't really see much of it. The scene primarily consisted of closeups, a cut away to Anya, Willow, and Xander, and only one brief bit in which we see Spike and Buffy back to front and slightly swaying. With the dailies you get to see the continuous takes with all the not so subtle moves. And you get to hear just them - there's no music or background chatter to drown out whats going on between the two.

I really wish we could hear more direction on the dailies. You're basically left to deduce what they must have been told, assuming you pick up on the subtle differences in the takes.

In the first take, Sarah portrays Buffy as being more anxious? nervous? slightly paniced? incredibly excited by Spike's presence? I think a combination of all of that. You can see and hear that she's breathing very heavily. James portrays Spike as harsher. Sure in all the takes and in the finished product he comes off as trying to manipulate Buffy's feelings, but in the first take he's also smirking at her, seemingly enjoying degrading her and that I'm glad didn't make it's way into the ep.

We also get to see a lot more rocking back and forth on James' part as well as his shoulders rising and falling. Sarah sways slightly in unison, following his lead. I know Sarah has mentioned her discomfort in shooting this particular scene. Partly because she felt it was out of character for Buffy (side note - I agree). But, I can't imagine her being very comfortable when James, instead of sliding his hand down her side, is moving it down her front. On the other hand, we do see her joke around during the filming, smiling at the camera and one time after "cut" is called, thrusting her butt back to throw James off balance (you can see him laughing).

Oh, and at one point James does this little eye flutter thing while....I'll be heaading to my bunk now.....
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