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James Guest Stint on 'The Mountain"

From the TV Guide website:

SPIKE RETURNS: Here's something I never thought I'd write: You have to watch The Mountain! Actually, just the Nov. 3 episode. That's when Buffy/Angel grad James Marsters guest-stars as the father of the Penn Badgley character. According to a WB rep, there's "a chance" Marsters could recur — which would mean you'd have to watch more than one episode of The Mountain. Scary but true.

OK, first off, I'm impressed that James making a guest appearance on a so-so soap/family drama warrants a blurb in TV Guide's daily recap of breaking news. Second, assuming the show lasts the season, we could be seeing more of him. I hadn't realized he would be playing the father of one of the main characters. I actually watched the show last night (I've seen worse) and Penn's father was passed out drunk on the couch with a baseball cap over his face. Guess they were waiting for the right person to cast in the role. ;)
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