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Why David Fury Is A Really Good Writer If You Take Spike Out of The Mix

I'm loving these slow reveals of the survivors lives. Really, I thought Locke was what he appeared to be. I also thought he may have been involved in the downing of the plane. Now, seeing his life before the crash, it broke my heart. A sad, lonely existence filled with lies and fantasies. Given how important he has now made himself in the eyes of the others, he's probably the only one happy to be stranded on that island.

And the wheelchair?! I'm sure I'm not the only one to recall it's brief earlier appearance. Silly me assumed it belonged to one of the deceased. That had to be a Fury touch, bringing back into a play some small detail from a previous episode is something we saw repeatedly on Buffy and Angel. (Not to mention the pop culture references - Heart of Darkness? TPS reports? :)

Of course, I have a hard time believing that after four years in a wheelchair, Locke is not just able to stand up but run. Is there something magical about that island? And who is that guy in the suit? I don't think Jack's halucinating.
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