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Nope, Still Not Posting About The Dailies

RL crap is tying up too much of my time to do a decent post right now. Maybe I can type up something tonight during what I'm sure wil be another yawn inducing Survivor installment.

I'm a bit shocked. See usually by this point in the season one of, if not all, the shows I like are facing the chopping block. So, I assumed that Veronica Mars, which I'm growing to like, (OK, now I get why the boyfriend is so fricken unemotional) would be going bye-bye soon. But, get this, the ratings have been going up every week and it looks like UPN may give it a chance. What's next, Sci-Fi announces it's bringing back Farscape as a series? (Psst, the mini series kicks off this Sunday.)

Lost I think is this season's official watercooler show. Or, in my case, mailroom. You know a show is hot when people here the word 'lost' and come running in from the hall to see what you are talking about. Ah, good times.

And a court reporting service gifted our firm with two big boxes of cookies today. It's one of those little perks that keep me here. That and being able to play on the net when I should be working. :)

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