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'Gone' Dailies....with more nekkid Spike!

I had three pages of notes so be warned this is rather long.

First off, let me admit that I fast forwarded over much of the stuff involving the trio. And I only watched about half of the Willow, Xander, and Dawn stuff. Hey, I'm all about the Spuffy that's why I shelled out for these discs. :p

I can't say that from what I saw there was anything that could have made the episode drastically different. The most notable variations in line readings and actions occur during the kitchen scene. Willow, Buffy, and Dawn have some additional dialogue. When Buffy asks Willow how she is doing, Willow starts talking about the omelette she's making, commenting that she put too much milk in the eggs and wonders if she should have cooked the bacon before chopping it up and putting it in. Later, when Buffy says to Dawn she needs to eat something, in addition to "Thanks for your concern" Dawn continues with "Nice to know you're always looking out for me."

It appears that Fury (unlike the directors in the other dailies, you can hear him give direction) wasn't sure what type of mood he wanted to convey between Buffy and Spike in the kitchen. The first take is much more lighthearted than what we eventually would see with them taking on an almost teasing demeanor with each other. Take 2 is more serious initially and Buffy reacts to Spike's touch more. Yet, as she's telling him to stop she has a smile on her face and obviously doesn't want him too.

In one of my favorite takes ;) as Spike is stroking Buffy's thigh, he leans inro her, closes his eyes, and rests his forhead against hers. She says, in a very breathy, hushed tone , "Stop that" and leans into him a bit more. He pulls back when he realizes she has his lighter. Their eyes meet and they share a look - she knows he knows. Sigh.

Other variations in the takes include James pretending to rub noses with Sarah following "my little Goldilocks". He does a very exagerated "Oh" prior to "this flapjack is not ready yo be flipped". Sarah has a very sweet smile on a reading of "stop that". On several of the takes, as Buffy is walking towards Xander, she turns around and adresses Spike directly with "you can let yourself out, right?" and is very polite in doing so. There are also close-ups of a rather bemused Spike looking at Buffy as she leaves with Xander. In one, he shakes his head yes in response to him letting himself out and has a similar cocky expression on his face as he did in LS while playing kitten poker. On the following take we hear Fury tell him to not nod his head (no clue why he didn't want him to).

I kinda like that in the dailies we see Buffy take a more defensive stance in regards to Xander's belittlement of Spike, as if she doesn't like to hear him hurt Spike's feelings. She's also more harsh when she cuts Xander off.

There are quite a few gaffes during the shooting of this scene. On a close up of Sarah watching Spike as he bursts through the door, she breaks character momentarily to comment "We'll just relight that later, it's all good, don't worry about it" - I can only assume James knocked something out of place. Later, James knocks over the spatula on the counter and starts smiling but continues on when he realizes Sarah isn't dropping character. Another time, as Sarah walks around the kitchen island, she must not realize the camera is as close as it is and stops, smiles, and says "Deak, Hi!" then continues on.

Evidently, they were shooting during lunch because at one point you can hear Sarah's stomach growl and she comments "Try that again". Prior to a shot, there seems to be two seperate conversations going on simultaneuosly. Fury is directing James, but Sarah seems to be talking to someone in the other direction. Sarah turns around and says she's sorry but she didn't hear what was said. She asks James "What?" and he responds with "you like irony, never mind". To which Sarah says "I like Michael's not irony, I just like him". Yeah, I don't know what the Hell they are talking about either. :p

OK, one of the most hilarious things I've seen on any of the dailies is the first take of Spike bursting through the kitchen door. It seems that the effects people had a wee bit of a problem with the smoke machine. As the kitchen fills up with smoke, James ends up delivering his lines through a haze. At one point you can barely make him out. Yet, the cameras keep rolling. They complete the scene and as Sarah walks out of frame with "You can let yourself out, yeah..." she continues with "...because I need to call the fire department. Jesus H Christ Almighty God in Heaven...." The entire crew cracks up (as well as coughing) with James remaining completely in character until Fury *finally* calls "cut". :)

Sorry Lynn and Cindy, until deborahc clued me in, I had no idea there was footage of the scenes in Spike's crypt! And what footage it is. Sarah is not in any of the scenes, but, instead, a double in a green bodysuit is used. You know the shots where we see him from the hip up? Well, in the continuations of those takes, the double drops her leg and we see that James is wearing sweatpants that go as low as they possibly can go. I mean, the waistband is *just* above Spike Jr. I swear, James had to have shaved.

Um, yeah, where was I? There is a line of dialogue that was cut. Following "But sooner or later your chums will work out how to bring you back to living color" he says "What will this be then? Some sweet, twisted fantasy in my chip addled brain." Personally, I don't think it makes much sense in the context of the scene (and didn't they use similar dialogue in NA?). And poor James had the worst time getting through saying these lines. Normally, he gets frustrated with himself when he struggles with dialogue. Here, he seems down right angry. I have to wonder if it had something to do with the lack of working with a trained actor (the double wasn't picking up cues as the regular cast would have) or had Sarah been there she would have helped feed him his lines.

I found it funny that in the Spike POV shots while talking to Xander, we see Xander constantly trying to divert his eyes from Spike. :) It's also interesting to note that in one take, Xander, after seeing the upper part of Spike's crypt trashed, seemed to be genuinly concerned not just about Buffy, but Spike as well.

Oh, and in the scene where InvisiBuffy throws Spike against the wall and rips off his shirt? In one take he looks down as if Buffy started her assault much lower. ;)

I found there was one interesting bit that didn't involve Buffy and Spike. When Dawn arrives home to discover Buffy is invisible, during their discussion there is some telling additional dialogue:

Dawn: "Do you even care about who did this to you...Do you even care that I just walked in and I'm suppose to be home by five? You're not even grilling me about where I was or who I was with."

Buffy: "I got that you hate when I do that"

Dawn: "That's not the point"

Buffy: "So, where were you?"

Buffy was coming off irresponsible and reckless enough in this ep, I don't think we needed more fuel for the fire. Of course, it just further emphasizes my belief that Fury just can't handle episodes that are heavy on the psychology. I still don't get how Buffy suddenly felt free just because no one could see her. And don't get me started on the Freudian stuff in LMPTM and Spike's mommy issues being the root of his problems. :p But, I digress....

I can't be positive, but it sounds as if the person doing Buffy's lines in this scene are Marti. And not to be left out of injecting humor into filming, in one take when Buffy states "I'm invisible", Michelle/Dawn replies "No way!"

With the takes of Buffy, Spike, and Doris Kruger, there are very few deviations. In one take of Buffy trying to get Spike to leave, you do see her nicely handing him his blanket instead of throwing it at him. Off of Spike's "Buffy's a great mum" we see Buffy smile.

On the close-ups of James' hand in Buffy's pocket trying to pull out the lighter, there's no sound, but Sarah's stomach is shaking from laughter. And there are two shots of Spike turning around and strutting out of the scene, coat billowing behind him. You hear cut, then see Sarah mimicing James' walk causing the crew and James to break out in laughter.

I still need to finish up with DT, but I doubt I'll get to that until next week some time - especially with Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars to discuss. :)

Oh, I had a Buffy related epiphany this week while watching Smallville. I've never been a loyal viewer, but I've watched enough to know there have been significant changes (for the worse imho) this season. The one change that really got my attention was that a lot more skin is being shown leading to more near-sexual situations. Is this all Steve DeKnight learned from his tenure on Buffy and Angel? Not that I'm against any of this per se, but it would be nice if there was a good script to go along with it. Other than the first and last scenes showing Clark feeling happy without feeling guilty, the rest of this past weeks ep is best forgotten.
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