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I watched the last two episodes of the forth season today as a refresher. Other than John and Aeryn 'dying' I didn't recall much. And how much did my viewing help? Not a whole hell of a lot. :p

Random and not particularly deep thoughts...

Super cool opening, very cinematic, although sharing more than a passing resemblance to the opening of the Alien flicks.

Rygel swimming was so cute! My one problem with him carrying Aeryn's baby (you know this is Farscape when you only have one problem with this scenerio) is how is the kid getting any nutrients to grow? Is it just absorbing the food in his stomach? But, what about a blood supply? Yeah, thinking too much abouth this.

I love how Aeryn was reconstituted with better hair. :)

Suzie Q (for those of you knew here, that's my nickname for Sikoza ;), Bracca, and Scorpy make such a great dysfunctional family. And again we see better hair.

Graza's pregnancy had me a bit paniced when I saw it in previews (she did boink John after all). Getting a better look at the actress playing her I realized she really was pregnant and since it's been a non-issue thus far, I'm guessing they just had to write it in for convenience's sake.

Grandma dissapeared relatively early. Thank you!

I found Stark less annoying than I usually do. Maybe because his comic relief was needed.

Jools! I didn't know she'd be making appearance. Damn, she was so nice and selfless (And crushing on John? Where did that come from? Does every women in the galaxy want into his pants? Uh, nevermind...) and this Jools I would have liked to have seen more of.

OK, I just don't get the Idolens (sp?) reasoning for not leaving on Moya. There's a difference between trying to protect your home when you have a chance of doing so and committing mass suicide. Their species faced extinction once, why face it again if you have a chance at survival? And do we know why they disappeared 12,000 years before? I can't recall, but I haven't seen that story arc in some time.

Favorite line: Rygel - "But, I'm pregnant!"

The Peacekeepers were peace keepers. Interesting if a bit derivitive of Stormtrooper history. I'll go out on a limb and say that the planet they were taken from on the edge of the galaxy when they were still primitive was, gee, earth. Hey, at least it explains why humans and sebaccians look exactly alike and can procreate together.

I can't believe this will all be over tomorrow. :(

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