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Best. Damn. Finale. Ever.

My mind is swimming. I'm in awe. But, I'm going to try and string some coherent thoughts together.

I think I spent the last forty-five minutes wiping my eyes. They killed D'Argo. They killed D'Argo. I had hoped (if there is to be any future films) that since we didn't see him take his final breath he might be back. Afterall, how many of the others have 'died' at some point? But, then the planet blew up. And that's when I knew for sure what Baby Crichton's name would be. :(

Hell, who didn't have me in tears? Chiana's pain broke my heart. Aeryn's pain at thinking she lost John broke my heart. Rygel bonding with the baby. Stark finding peace at last and revealing his true self. Damn it, even Harvey made me weepy! I still feel an ache in my chest and it was, for the most part, a happy ending.

OK, as for things I can manage to put better into words.....

I thought the transfering of the baby was odd (would someone explain to me how a fairly developed fetus passed through that tube?), but that was nothing compared to the baby's birth. Genius or cheese? Or genius for making the cheese so damn entertaining. In the history of film I don't think a woman's ever gotten married, given birth, made out, and took out some of the enemy all during the course of a firefight. And during that insanity they chose to throw in some realism and show a pretty accurate depiction of a birth.

Favorite line: Aeryn - "Shooting makes me feel better." :)

Suzie Q was the traitor. Wait! The last time we saw her she was alive and so was what's his name. Given her special abilities, she could have gotten free, stolen a ship, and escaped the planet before it blew.....with D'Argo in tow! Hey, I'm grasping to that straw.

May I say I was relieved Bracca wasn't the traitor. I like the little kiss ass. And please tell me it struck someone else that Scorpy pulled him out of the line of fire to save him? I didn't see him trying to save any other Peacekeepers.

That wormhole weapon was one of the most terrifying things I've ever seen. Sadly, I don't think the show was far off in stating that life would have to be on the verge of oblivion in order to achieve peace.

Scorpy geniunlly seemed happy that peace was reached. His means were often horrific, but I guess he and John really did have the same goal.

This is not a criticism of the mini-series, but it became obvious early on that the writers were condensing 22 hours of TV down to four. It lacked some nuance and accounted for some bizarre story telling choices, yet it was an incredibly satisfying conclusion. Like I said....Best.Damn.Finale.Ever. Now, excuse me while I get some more Kleenex.
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