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First off, a very Happy Birthday to mirandaflynn. She was one of the first brilliant, not to mention welcoming, Buffy fans I encountered when I ventured into the scary territory of online fandom. Her episode analysis intimidated me. I thought I could *never* write like that. Well, I can't, but I've found I'm still pretty good. ;) Hope you had a wonderful day Mir. :)

I totally forgot to mention last night Aeryn kissing D'Argo on the cheek! Who could have ever imagined them sharing that moment four years ago. D'Argo accepting that sort of gesture from a Peacekeeper. And Aeryn showing that kind of open affection.

The pregnancy transfer. I think I've lost count at how many ways this doesn't make sense. Yeah, it's Farscape known for the wacky, but this, to quote The Princess Bride is inconceivable (heh, a pun). I already mentioned that considering Rygel's increased size before and Aeryn's after the transfer there is *no way* Little D traveled through that tube. Then it dawned on me on second viewing tonight - the umbilical cord. Was the kid getting nutrients through osmosis in Rygel, but needed the umbilical cord in Aeryn? I don't get how John's human DNA in the baby made Aeryn's labor more difficult either.

Funny *all* Aeryn's extra weight was the baby. Poor Graza, apparently she didn't benefit from the same genetic engineering. ;p

I said this once, I'll say it again, thank you writers of Farscape for limiting the screen time of the "crazy old witch". Grandma was the only character I've ever completely loathed on this show.

_jems_ and I were trying to figure out earlier just when Scorpy knew Suzie was the traitor. Unfortunately I got interrupted during the pivital scene, but I do recall Scorpy saying he had 'known long enough to service my needs'. OK, ewwwww, but it also doesn't really pinpoint when he found out the truth. I'm actually wondering if he didn't know until this latest adventure and is a bit pissed he got played.

And one more favorite line....when John informs Aeryn her labor could last days, "I've killed men for less". :-)

I thought Logan was suppose to be the asshole we all hate? Now we find out he's got a soft side?! After watching weeks of him tormenting Veronica, we see them acting almost like the friends they once were. I don't know what to think about this turn of events.

It was interesting experiencing how they all use to be. They seemed like a very tight group. Yet, I'm still not seeing how Lilly and Veronica were best friends. Maybe one day we'll see what brought them together and I'll suddenly get it.

Please tell me that wasn't 'Wind Beneath My Wings' playing at the memorial. Well, at last I made a Buffy connection. :p

Weevil crying? Puh-leeze. The guy with the tough exterior and marshmallow interior? Not original people.

ETA: I was reading the latest Entertainment Weekly earlier and as I flipped to the television section, in the lower left hand corner I was confronted with.....

Resurrection of the Week - JAMES MARSTERS...This bloody rocks! The actor best known as Buffy's cocky (asta's editorial note - Hee!) vamp Spike will return to television on Nov. 3 by guesting as Sam's father on The WB's ski-resort drama, The Mountain.

First TV Guide and now EW thinks his guest stint is majorly newsworthy. Why isn't The WB developing a series for the guy?
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