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Is This Day Over Yet?

Apparently Sarah is on Letterman tonight (wonder why? ;p) and David Duchovny is hosting The Late, Late Show. Guess I'll be setting the VCR.

I should have known that today was going to be an 'off' day when I left my apartment this morning with everything I needed but my purse and had to go back for it. That was followed by me realzing around 9:00am that my face was itching. See, I bought new foundation last night and tried it this morning. It would seem I'm allergic to it (my skin is fairly sensitive and it's always trial and error as to finding what may irritate it). I confirmed this fact by going to the bathroom and seeing how 'rosy' my complection suddenly was. So, I had to go home to get wash up. I also had to take some Benadryl...which made me sleepy. Which also made it hard to concentrate at work. Then I had to come home and make a cheesecake this evening which surprisingly didn't go up in flames.

On the brightside, Lost was on tonight.
What the hell is it about hearing the word "love" spoken with a British accent that gets me...every...time. Charlie and Claire? They're officially my ship. Could they be any cuter together? I'm thinking she'll be the one to help him when he starts going through withdrawal.

Jack's backstory was rather...blah. Or maybe that's just Jack. I don't dislike the character and, yeah, he'll be a good leader, but he's just not at all interesting to me.

I am curious to know more about his Dad though. He was one scary surgeon. Sure, doctors must accept that they'll lose patients, but his cavalier attitude was chilling.

Maybe not-so-dearly departed dad was an a figment of Jack's imagination, yet it seemingly lead him to water. And where was the body? The coffin remains intact, but the body is missing? Yeah, something is up here.

Still adoring Locke. Terry is invaluable to this show.

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