The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

My luck may be changing....

Recently, I learned that the fine people at Amtrak (insert laughter here) decided to threaten the state with discontinuing one of their runs if the state didn't cough up some more money for them. Of course, this is the route to Chicago that I purchased a ticket for months ago for my travel to the Con in May.

After obsessing over having to haggle with them for a refund and having to find a flight (which would be much more expensive), I actually got some good news tonight. Just as I'm about to turn off the TV I see an update on the news. Seems the state caved and gave them some money to continue the route through July at least. So, Lynn and Cindy, you still need to pick me up at the train station. :)

Now all I need to obsess over is what to wear....

Have yet to listen to all of the CD. Perhaps I'll listen tomorrow as I attempt to complete my taxes. Hopefully, it will drown out my cursing.
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