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If anyone had anything brilliant, insightful, or earth-shattering to say today, in all likelihood, I missed it. I skimmed today. There, I admitted it. I skimmed LJ today. I just couldn't muster up the energy or enthusiam after my job seemingly sucked the life force out of me this morning. How bad was it? I informed one of the couriers that someone was going to die today and if he used the term "asap" one more time it was going to be him.

I really think it might be time to look around and see what else I can find. I've been looking down the road and right now the end of it looks suspiciously similar to the road leading to Sunnydale at the conclusion of 'Chosen'.

Mrs Mars isn't a heartless bitch who abandoned her family. Yay! for Veronica.

I don't like Pa Mars' reasoning for breaking up with the girlfriend. He's untitled to move especially if he feels his wife was a heartless bitch who abandoned the family. Yet, I have to say the story line bored me to death. So, in that case, good riddance.

Troy wasn't *as* evil as some of us suspected. He's not Veronica's rapist. Apparently he is a drug dealer who just wanted to get into Veronica's pants though. Suddenly, Logan doesn't look so bad. And, again, he and Veronica were sort of getting along. Hmmmmmm.....

And for my fellow Lost fans, here is a programming note. ABC finally fessed up and admited that the show runs from 8:00 - 9:01 est. So those of you with TIVO or who need to set their VCRs, plan accordingly. I know several people missed the very end of the show last week.

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