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1) "Verbally copulating".....MUWAHAHAHAHA!

2) Charlie is the one to scold Jack and Kate, reminding them they have thirsty people they need to get water for.

3) Extras are a lot like Potentials. They stand around uselessly as the stars of the show gets the crap beaten out of them. :p

4) Locke's a fan of Driveshaft! And their first album was apparently pretty decent.

5) I was half right. Sun can speak English. Now let's see the power shift in that realationship on the island.

6) Sun was happy once. And Jin was a loving fiance until her father got his hooks into him. (Hey, are we impressed I recall names? Don't be - I looked them up. :p)

7) OK, so why was Sun afraid of both her father and her husband? What the hell kind of business were they in that she couldn't just walk away without forming some elaborate plot?

8) So, the islanders are rolling their eyes at Jack and Kate as much as we are? The fact that JJ has allowed the show to address how ridiculously cute and predictable that coupling is gives me some hope. Especially since....

9) Sawyer makes that remark about Kate, Jack, and Sayid. ;-)

10) No Shannon! :D

And the one thing that struck me as wrong? The leader of the group, after all of one week, decides there is no hope for a rescue and chooses to whole up in a cave. Excuse me, I'll be on the beach....
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