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The O.C.

Ok, you know my feeling on slash, right?
OMG, The SLASH! I mean, Seth spent the entire fricken summer obsessing over Ryan. Neither of his parents nor his girlfriend could bring him home. The minute he sees Ryam his face lights up. And the running to the cab to stop Ryan before he leaves? Ryan not being able to get inro the cab? The fact that home is only home when the other is there? Of course, the show won't be brave enough to have them give in to their true feelings. Instead we'll get more Ryan/Marissa which has all the excitement of, well, I'd actually prefer watching paint dry. Anyone else want her to have one too many of those 'ice teas', fall into the pool, and 'tragically' drown?

I think I actually miss Luke (who does remind me of a golden retriever). I wonder if his guest appearance is a one shot deal or we can look forward to seeing him again?

Theresa lied. Convenient. Though, I'm sure Ryan will discover the truth sooner or later. Maybe she'll die in some sort of accident leaving Ryan and Seth to raise the baby together. :)
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