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I haven't updated since last week and, actually, I still don't have much to say. I think I'm going through one of my anti-social phases. Precipitated by a work/PMS/change of seasons mini depression. Please, no sympathy, just let me wallow.

On the celebrity crush front, James is officially out and Josh is in (though, damn it, not literaly ;). Don't worry, I stil love and adore Spike. :)

Speaking of Spike Here's the cover art for the Angel Season 5 DVDs. I can say I told you so now. :) And I'm completely giddy to see Christian did commentary on two episodes. Woo Hoo!

OK, Veronica Mars just ended and, is it just me, or was that all rather predictable?

As soon as Veronica's 'friend' freaked out and split after hearing news that her parents would be arriving I put two and two together. Wouldn't have telling her boyfriend the truth (especially in light of the fact he knew he wasn't the biological father) so he could help her in some way make more sense then attempting to kill her stepdad, being sent to prison, and losing her baby? Or did we need Pa Mars to be the hero?

Lilly and Weevil have a past together. Everyone who called that weeks ago, take a bow. But, again tonight, I am forced to wonder what the hell anyone found so fascinating about that girl. She spent first period worrying about lip gloss on her teeth?! And this is Veronica's best friend and the girl Weevil and Logan nearly came to blows over? I just don't get it. We must not be privy to the other side of Lilly yet - the one that's interesting.

We have the shocking possibility that Duncan and Veronica may be siblings! Take another bow folks. Though, given Veronica now suspects this it I'm thinking it's too obvious.

I admit it, I liked the Logan/Weevil bonding. Frankly, thus far, they have been the most interesting couple on the show. :p On the downside, we get to see Weevil be a stand up guy and Logan not be a selfish ass. Like I said, predictable.

And on a brief political note...why didn't any of you tell me today that Ashcroft resigned?! Really, I depend on you folks to let me in on this stuff. Or is this something I missed while skimming? ;)
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