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Must Be Wednesday

Let me start by saying that was *not* a LITTLE kiss. Little kisses do not include tongue nor pulling away before going back in for more. And why do I think she wasn't thinking about Jack during all this? Sure, it's a cliche, Jack is the guy she thinks she should be with but Sawyer is the one she *really* wants to jump. :) Unfortunately, we seem to be headed for the Love Triangle. Jack bristled at Kate's mention of a "connection" with Sawyer and then there was The Look after Sawyer mentioned their "making out".

Sawyer isn't really Sawyer. I didn't see that coming (and may I say I'm thankful for not reading spoilers). I had a whole other analysis going for him up until that revelation. Regardless, the guy seems to have enough self-hatred that, at best, he wants to be hurt and, at worst, he wants to die. I think he may have been happier had Jack let him bleed to death.

Even with the hotness of the kiss, my OTP is still Charlie and Claire. I just loved all their scenes together. Him bombarding her with reasons why it would be better for her to be in the caves when, in reality, it was all about him missing her and wanting her to join him. And I wonder if part of her realized all this? Claire doesn't seem like a push over so for her to let him start packing up her stuff and then playing along with the imaginary peanut butter makes me think she knows he needs her.

Locke moved back into the creepy territory again. He was coming up with far to many reasons as to why Sawyer is the villian on the island (and some that Sayid should have been highly suspect of) and responsible for all their problems. Was he trying to divert attention from himself? Or is Sawyer a threat to him in some way?

Shannon's not nearly as annoying when she can't breath. Can she have an attack every week?

And for my fellow Star Wars geeks, did anyone else squee a bit at the "Jedi moment"? :-)
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