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OK, Apparently I Could Lose Faith in Joss

I was checking out the Angel forum on Crumbling Walls when I came across a disturbing piece of information. Apparently, in the current issue of Dreamwatch magazine, David Fury discusses the Faith spinoff. Spike would have been brought back as a ghost and would have been her only companion on her travels. Fury credits Joss with the idea.

Now, this is not first hand information. I have not seen the article so maybe someone else can verify if this is true.

But, my gut quote Spike...Oh God, No, Please No. What the Hell was Joss thinking....or smoking?! A Ghost! How could a ghost have sex! How could he have reunited with Buffy! And didn't we do the non-corporeal form thing already? Geesh!

Actually, I hope this is true. Because I doubt Fury would be spilling a big plot twist if they were going to do this on Angel.
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