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Apparently We Aren't the Only Ones Missing 'Angel'

Seeing the opening scene of Smallville with "France 1604" printed across my screen and the fake looking sets and the bad accents, for a split second, my brain thought I was watching a new episode of Angel. But then Kristen Kruek showed up and the illusion was ruined. I could go on and on about all the problems with this week's ep, but, to sum up, I felt like I was watching an episode of Charmed. Nuff said. (Yes, I shall keep watching because, dammit, Tom Welling is too nummy to miss. :)

....."I'm going to brood...silently...over here". MUWAHAHAHAH. Ryan was funny! Like, throughout much of the episode. He's no Seth, but I actually found him mildly interesting. And the slash? Wow, they really aren't letting up on that are they - "I left because of you". OK boys, stop making a show of chasing after the girls and just do it already. ;-)

What can I say about Marissa? I think my icon says it all. Really, I didn't think it was possible to hate that girl more, yet she lowers the bar again! Selfish, shallow, and stupid only begins to cover it. Now, I'm even left to wonder why the hell Summer hangs out with her.

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