The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

So Many Pretty Men

Today (well, technically yesterday now), I had a very full day of movie viewing. It began with Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Not as good as the first film, but I did enjoy it. There was a part of the film near the end that just seemed to vear off in another direction and strayed from the tone of the rest of the film, but I'm told it's in keeping with the book. And what can I say about Colin Firth? Sigh. I know he doesn't wish to be typecast, but I'd be happy if the man played Mr Darcy for the rest of his career. He is just so damn good in that role be it whichever incarnation.

After BJ, my friend Stacy and I grabbed a quick lunch then returned to the theatre to see Alfie. It wasn't bad, but it left me rather "eh". Jude was quite charming and looked incredible (he and Colin *really* need to do a film together) it's just that the story seemed to go nowhere. The really fun part was that Stacey and I had the theater to ourselves so we could do commentary throughout the movie without dirty looks. :)

Following our theatre outing we rented three films to watch. The best of the lot was A Home at the End of the World with Colin Farrell. I have some criticisms of him in regards to his personal behavior, but he impresses me as an actor more each time I see him. I'd never would have figured he could pull off sweet, vunerable, and naive so well.

Next was The Reckoning which I agreed to see because Paul Bettany stars in it. About a half an hour into it I wished I had skipped it. :( And the last film was Intermission also starring Colin Farrell (it was a Colin filled day! ;). It was an Irish film that dealt with how the lives of the various characters crossed and intersected. It was OK, but predictable and nothing I hadn't seen done before.

Oh, and given that the movie theatre was packed at 10:45 this morning and the ticket sellers had to holler at the line of people that Polar Express was already sold out until 9:45pm, I'm going out on a limb and saying it will be the number one movie this weekend. I still think it looks creepy.
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