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I picked up a copy of TV Guide last week in order to get the 'free' DVD of the pilot of House. While I'm a big fan of Hugh Laurie and the show looked intriguing from the previews I'd seen, part of me was actually hoping to be bored to death. I already have Scrubs and Veronica Mars during the 9:00 hour on Tuesday, it will be a logistical nightmare to have on three shows during that time period. Well, damn it, let the nightmare begin because I really, *really* liked this show.

I won't go into specifics, but if you have the opportunity to watch this show, do so. Hugh, as I assumed, was good and while he allows glimpses of Dr House's humanity to come through, he did not portray him with a tough exterior and big gooey interior. The supporting cast were all good, each subtlely reviewing the complexities of their characters. The dialogue was snappy and intelligent (though, they lost me with some of the medical jargon). The look of the show is unlike anything else on TV. Any photography or flim experts may be able to explain what type of film they used, but the show uses a palatte of browns and greys. For instance, in the lobby of the clinic you notice that while the wood veneers and flesh tones pop out, the clothing and any other surfaces are practically devoid of color.

Considering I'm on a hot streak with my TV shows right now - it seems everyone thing I've grown to like or love has been picked up for a full season - I'm due for a disappointment. I'm wondering if this is it. :(
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