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With Two Minutes to Spare.....

I've already covered the balcony scene, so I'll refrain from being redundant (and save myself some time).

Unlike some of the other dailies, like those for 'Wrecked' and 'Gone' I didn't see much change in tone or any drastic differences from take to take Sarah did seem more emotional in some takes, particularly in the alley scene and during her confession to Tara, but with the latter I felt a sobbing Buffy showed to much weakness. I much prefer that they chose to show her not completely falling apart until the end.

On the flip side, there was some shots of Sarah immediately following the beating of Spike that better conveyed Buffy's shock, disgust, and horror at what she had just done. However, this was also her reacting to the original beating of Spike and not the reshoot of the scene. If you think what we saw was bad, you have no idea at how grotesque it really was. As originally filmed James/Spike is nearly unrecognizable, almost his entire face is swollen and in one take we see a crewman pooring 'blood' over his face. I have a strong stomach and it made me sick. And I love Buffy, but had I seen this when the ep originally aired, my sympathies may have wavered.

The scene also goes on a bit longer then what was broadcast. As Buffy walks away from Spike, Spike begs her not to do this (turn herself in) - "please". It really is heartbreaking. But, I don't feel that Spike is suffering from the physical effects of the beating, it's seeing Buffy so beaten down psychologically, so defeated that I think is hurting him more.

Some technical aspects of note during the filming of the alley sequence.....

The section of the scene where Spike is explaining it's an accident, think of all the people you've saved - all that was shot twice. First with Spike in his human face and then again in vamp face. I'm wondering if they didn't know at the time if the wanted human or demon Spike to be confronting Buffy so they shot it both ways.

As in the other dailies we have James struggling with his lines, growing increasingly frustrated, and liberally using the F word.

After one take of Buffy getting right in Spike's face (vamp face at that), "cut" is called and Sarah inquires about a scar on James' lip that day. On the following take we hear "No, what's it from? Seriously." He laughs and avoids answering her.

And I have to say Sarah looks adorable in the takes of Spike picking Buffy up and dragging her behind the station - her pretending to hit him with her legs flailing and then hearing her break out into laughter.

One of the discs has a lot of footage involving the trio and Katrina, I skipped all that not that it looked like there was anything particularly inetresting as I was fast forwarding.

The scene of Buffy fighting the demons and Spike is composed of quick, short takes and that's exactly how it was shot. Sarah says a line of dialogue. Cut. Sarah throws a few punches. Cut. Sarah lands a kick. Cut. No wonder Sarah at one point says through pouty lips "Buffy confused" (and later you hear the director concur, "Buffy losing mind." :).

It must having been a tiring shoot as Sarah comments (jokingly) "Bill, you're so demanding. God it's three in the morning." and smiles at the camera crew. I noticed that there was lots of joking on Sarah's part during the filming of this episode. Considering how emotionally and physically draining it must have been (particularly for she and James) I think she made an effort to keep things as light as possible between takes.

Other funny a sing songy voice she states "These trees are creepy." and as she is suppose to be approaching Katrina and asking how she is one of the crew members starts talking thus blowing the take. She puts her hands on her hips, stares, sighs, and says "Keep rolling" as she turns to go back to her mark.

Lots and lots of takes from various angles and distances of the 'under the rug' scene (FYI, James is wearing sweats ;). The final shot of Spike with the handcuffs goes on a few seconds longer. Still holding up the cuffs, he slowly leans into Buffy and dips his head as if to kiss her shoulder - this is when 'cut' is called. In some takes Buffy reacts to Spike's touch more. She seems at ease and comfortable and, dare I say, she like she's enjoying herself.

Again, we get more of Sarah joking around. She makes a comment about needing a message after these last two days (two days under the rug with James?!) Another time, as James turns his head after his "ate a decorater once" line, Sarah sticks out her tongue at the camera and then smiles sweetly. Then there is an 'outburst' that I've seen mentioned elsewhere - "Holy shit I have rope burn" and after 'cut' she continues with "Jesus Christ I have fucking rug burn on my neck." Big laugh from James and everyone else. (Interesting side note, I don't recall ever seeing James break character. Even if he knows a take is bad he'll keep going until the director officially ends it.)

My personal favorite LOL moment comes while they are shooting Buffy on top of Spike from Spike's POV. I call it her Porn Queen moment. They did two takes and Sarah can't keep a straight face after either. Following the first we hear, off camera, "Oh geez, I got to sit down." with Sarah quickly replying "Shut up Ray.! :) After the second take - "I knew you could not get through it."

A few interesting tidbits about the scene involving the DMP. When the director tells Sarah to move to her right, she hollers (again jokingly) "Don't tell me what to do." Big laugh from cast and crew (the poor extra receiving his meal I think struggled to maintain a straight face after that).

There were also a few funny, but ultimately unecessary lines cut. When she tells her co-worker she's taking a break to talk to Tara she's told by said co-worker that "Stealing from the clock is stealing from the register." Buffy responds with "Then this will be a real heist." :)

Nothing much interesting to report about Amber and Sarah's scene in the DMP breakroom. They seemed to be quite chatty in between takes indicating to me they got along well.

Some miscellaneous moments of note.....

- After Dawn walks out on Buffy and the gang to go to Janice's, Sarah turns around and says somthing I've been waiting for someone, anyone to say for a very long time..."Aren't we a little old to go to the Bronze? Then something about "high school" and "Aren't we twenty-one year olds hanging out with...." :)

- While dancing at the Bronze, Xander exhibits some really obscene dance moves with Anya and Willow. Nick and Aly pretend like they are making out at one point and Aly wraps her leg around him. In another take Nick bends Aly forward and begins imitating doing it doggy style. Emma doesn't seem to know quite how to react and freezes up for a few moments before Nick tries to include her in on the action. ;)

- Looking at Spike in his crypt, particularly the open shirt shots before he goes and gives the door good hand ;) it suddenly struck me that James must have waxed a lot. :p

- There's only one take of Spike and Buffy in bed from the dream sequence....WAHHHHH. :( It does go on a second or two longer. Sarah makes sure to finish the kiss after 'cut' is called. ;-)

- We see Dawn run down the stairs after Buffy tells her she's on her way to turn herself in. Buffy then runs into Willow in the hall who was woken up by the ruckus. Buffy tells Willow there's something she has to do and asks her to look after Dawn for her. Pretty boring stuff, I see why it got cut.

- Speaking of Dawn, I was only able to watch a couple of takes of Sarah and MT working together. It has nothing to do with them, but Dawn's behavior here is so appalling to me, it makes this difficult to watch. How can Dawn be shocked and upset that her sister is trying to do the right thing? She makes it all about her. While I could understand her not wanting to lose Buffy again, how could she possibly think Buffy would want to go to prison just to get away from her?!?!

I really don't have much to say about the various takes of Buffy's confession to Tara. As I mentioned earlier, some takes Sarah portrayed Buffy as more emotional, others as relatively calm. One thing I did find interesting, in the sense that it made me cringe, was some dialogue that was cut.....

Buffy: "You don't know how hard it is, lying to everyone you love about who you are sleeping with."

Tara: "Sweetie, I'm a fag, I've been there,"

OK, using the term 'fag' is a hot button issue in and of itself, but Tara using it?! It was so jolting to hear that word come out of her mouth that it actually took me out of the moment. Putting aside the criticism and kerfuffles it would have initiated, it would have ruined what was suppose to be a powerful scene. That moment needs to be about Buffy and what she's going through, not the audiance sitting there going 'What did Tar just say?'
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