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I'm Not Sure, But I think My Interest May Be Waning

To begin with the big mystery of who leaked the sex tests rather bored me. And it didn't help that all the new kids we were introduced to were completely one dimentional. I lost count of the stereotypes. Though I thought slutty younger sister had a great moment - "I may not like her, but I love her".

What happened to Logan? Weevil? Does Duncan get paid by the line?

I liked Mac. Can we keep her?

So, why would Veronica freak out about the e-mail to Duncan? I didn't think their relationship had progressed much past kissing. Then again, maybe, oh, nevermind. :/

Anyone betting Kane *isn't* her father? Geesh, melodramatic much.

What bar employs a seventeen year old and allows her behind the bar? No, I don't recall seeing her serve alcohol, but can't a place get into a lot of trouble for just having her there?

OK, I think I may have screwed up and accidently deleted a reply to my previous post. kuarela if you're reading this, I'm sorry. :( In response to your question, I'd love to be able to make caps but I just don't have the software to do it. Sorry.

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