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Hope Everyone Survived the Family Gatherings :)

Mercifully, I had none. I have a small family. My Dad's side is located along the east coast, my mother's we don't speak to (if you knew them you'd understand). It's just me and Mom and she didn't feel like doing anything. We did have tickets for the touring production of The Producers. I wanted to go after I discovered that Alan Ruck (Stuart from 'Spin City' or Cameron from 'Ferris Beuller's Day Off') was playing Leo. Lewis J Stadlen, who took over for Nathan Lane in the Broadway production was again playing Max. There were also several other Broadway vets appearing, so all signs pointed to a good production.

Still, my mother almost backed out of going, not once, but twice (not because she doesn't love live theatre, she does, it was do to other issues). Guess what? She loved it. To the extent she's trying to see if she can get tickets to another performance. And it was an incredible show. I really felt we saw the Broadway production. Alan Ruck can sing! Who knew? I've heard Matthew Broderick and Alan is better, in my opinion. I even hear he's headed to Broadway to perform the role in a few weeks. Of course, now I have 'Springtime for Hitler' running through my head. :/

On the opposite end of the enjoyment spectrum is.....The Mountain. :( To be honest I fast-forwarded through most of it. I don't think I can say more about it than that which has already been said. Well, except I didn't even find James particularly good. He seemed to be doing some sort of hybrid of himself and Spike. And, is it just me, or was he trying to attempt some sort of accent? I thought I heard something in one scene then it seemed to disappear. He did have one good moment when his son handed him the drawings and he got all choked up.

Here's my resoning for why he did this dreck - I think he wanted to stay in The WB's good graces. He has mentioned before in interviews that he would love to do another TV series. Perhaps he is under the impression if he agrees to help them out by doing these guest stints, they'll offer him something more permenant. Of course, I'm still trying to figure out why he hasn't hit up his old collegues who are now on Lost and Alias for some decent work. Couldn't Sark have a long lost brother???

Oh, and I'm now through 'The Flax' in my Farscape rewatch. Maybe I'll post a bit about the show this weekend if I have time.
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