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Is This One of the Signs That The End is Near?

From TV Guide Online:

LUCK OF THE IRISH: Scrubs star Zach Braff has persuaded good friend Colin Farrell to guest star on my favorite NBC comedy this January. In a story first reported by E! Online (damn you Kristin Veitch!) and later expanded by USA Today (damn you Will Keck!), Farrell will play a hard-partying Irishman (can he pull it off!?) who shakes things up for our friends at Sacred Heart.

I'm trying to decide which is stranger that Colin will be appearing on Scrubs or that he's "good friends" with Zach? :/
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Hey, has GS done better than Alexander? The irony...

That's actually an interesting question. I'm thinking 'Alexander' has taken in more money, but GS probably made ten times more than what it cost to make and market.
I think profit-wise, in comparison, GS is the winner so far, as I don't think alexander has even made what it cost to make the movie yet.