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Did Anyone Else's Heart Stop for A Second?

OH MY GOD! I thought they did it! They Killed Charlie!! I'm largely unspoiled for the show, but I had read interviews with JJ in which he threatened to kill off a major character before year's end. So, when I saw Charlie hanging from that tree I immediately thought of many unflattering adjectives to accompany JJ's name. I can't recall the last time I've been this relieved. Oh, yeah, when Vaughn blew Lauren away. :p

In other news.....

Jack and Kate? ::yawns:: Individually I can handle them, but together borrr-iiiing.

Jack's dad was a real bastard. I'm at a bit of a loss why he feels so much guilt about turning him in. Me? I'd relish doing it. Then again, I'm evil. ;)

Any 'Galaxy Quest' fans? Boone's Red Shirt speech reminded me of Guy's in GQ. And someone finally called Kirk a bad captain!!! :-)

"My other dad, Brian" - Oooooooh, the plot thickens.

"Reject from VH1 has-beens." Hee! Is that anything like participants in the 'Surreal Life'?

Was it just me or do I sense Sawyer and Sayid becoming friends down the road (I'm also sensing some slash being written, but that's another discussion ;). The actors have a nice chemistry together and I'd like to see them talk more and torture each other less. Sawyer's even kept the home fires burning. ;p
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