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I can't believe I'm recommending this movie

Maybe it's the fact I got eleven hours of sleep last night. Maybe it's the fact I didn't have to spend hours cleaning my apartment on the weekend like I usually do. Maybe it's because the laundry is all not begging to be folded for once. Or Maybe it's because I had no expectations and I was only trying to be nice to my friend Stacey's hubby who always agrees to go see what we want and deserves a break.

But, much to my surprise, I enjoyed The Italian Job. Now, maybe the original is better - I haven't seen it. But, this came off as fairly smartly written, no plot holes that I can recall, well acted, entertaining little film. In addition to some pretty cool, but not overdone action sequences, there was some actual *gasp* character development. The entire cast had a nice chemistry. And for us Buffy fans we get to see Seth Green in a movie that doesn't suck or go straight to video! Actually, Seth had one of the best running jokes in the film. :)

So, if your looking for a movie with a good cast and involving story that doesn't tax your brain but doesn't treat you like an idiot either, I'd say it's worth two hours of your time.

Oh, and I've decided. While London is my dream spot to visit, Italy is now second on my list. :)

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