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Are the Holidays Over Yet?

Yes, I'm exhausted already. I cut sleep short this weekend in order to finish up shopping and get out all my cards and packages completed. I was about 90% successful. Shopping is done (including winning an item on ebay for my Mom :). All the gifts got wrapped, packed, and shipped. As did all cards going out internationally and about half being mailed within the U.S. Of course, mailing became overly complicated.

I originally went to the post office next door to my apartment complex to find out that that office was not staffed today. I tried using the new machine they have in the lobby to mail stuff your self. Of course, they don't tell you all the things it can't do. Like mail anything intenationally or any package over 16 fricken ounces. That meant I was able to successfully mail two packages from tha location. :P I then had to take my laundry basket (yes, laundry basket, shut up) full of packages and mail back to my car and drive downtown. Did I mention the wind and rain? Anyway, the city's main post office? Kind of small and depressing. With crappy parking. But, at least I'm done with the bulk of my mailing. The rest I can get out at my leisure this week.

In other news, I was suppose to go see two movies this weekend. How many did I see? Zero. One was because of a change of plans and the other I got canceled on. Oh well, Ocean's 12 will be around for awhile. Maybe I'll go Christmas weekend.

I did manage to finish watching season 1 of Farscape. danceswithwords do you still plan on posting about the first season? If so, I'll just jump in on your discussion.

I also started receiving prezzies. :) soundingsea sent me some most excellent candy. All the raves over her caramels are well founded. And her mints are pretty damn good too.

dragonfly0303 your Amazon delivery arrived! Two films I absolutely adore. Thank you very much.

And I'm a wee bit early, but I fear I may forget to post about this tomorrow so let me wish fer1213 a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!. Fer, it's been one of my great pleasures this past year getting to know you. I could go on and on about all your wonderful qualities, but I think just about everyone reading this knows what they are. Hope you have a wonderful day with people writing fic for you for a change. ;)

OMG, William Shatner was just singing. That is just so wrong.

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