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For the few 'House' Watchers Here.....

I really wish I had more to say about tonight's ep, I enjoyed it - especially House's unconventional treatment for abdominal distress - but, it didn't wow me as much as past eps. And the ending looked like it came from our friends at Hallmark. :p Anyway, one thing that's bothered me from day one and does not seem to be subsiding, Robert Sean Leonard (AKA Dr Wilson). Not only is his character not interesting he doesn't seem to really add anything to the show. Yeah, I get House needs a 'friend', someone to act as a soundingboard, but that's *all* he seems to do. I'm much more interested in seeing House and the chief administrator piss each other off and she seems to be able to act as a catalyst for House questioning his judgement.

ETA: There's a 'House' Slash community. Geez, it doesn't take people long does it?
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