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For the few 'House' Watchers Here.....

I really wish I had more to say about tonight's ep, I enjoyed it - especially House's unconventional treatment for abdominal distress - but, it didn't wow me as much as past eps. And the ending looked like it came from our friends at Hallmark. :p Anyway, one thing that's bothered me from day one and does not seem to be subsiding, Robert Sean Leonard (AKA Dr Wilson). Not only is his character not interesting he doesn't seem to really add anything to the show. Yeah, I get House needs a 'friend', someone to act as a soundingboard, but that's *all* he seems to do. I'm much more interested in seeing House and the chief administrator piss each other off and she seems to be able to act as a catalyst for House questioning his judgement.

ETA: There's a 'House' Slash community. Geez, it doesn't take people long does it?
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God DAMN it! I forgot about it again. Grrr. Hopefully I'll be able to catch it in reruns.

If you loved me, you'd post Monday night or Tuesday morning to warn me. :0P
*IF* I love you. Silly girl. To be honest, I almost forgot about it this week, but, yes, I'll try to give everyone a heads up next week. I can't recall what it was about, but I was pretty sure there was a promo for a new episode.
The ending was cheee-zy. They should have just ended with the nun sharing the prodigal son verse. Or at least that warm fuzzy. The song part was over-the-top cheese.

Yes, Dr. Wilson is ho-hum. House still makes me laugh though...smoking makes you look 30% cooler. Hah!

Cool House icon, btw.
I went in search of icons last night. The one for the post was made by shewaselectric who I found also makes some cool 'Lost' icons. And the one I'm using here is by drphungus.

I thought the ep was good overall until that final minute or so where we saw how they were all spending Christmas. Like I said, it had that Hallmark quality, especially with Cameron shaking her perfectly wrapped present with the snow falling behind her. :p Of course, what I really want to know is who gave her the gift. ;)
This week is my first week of the winter break, a.k.a. of not teaching on Tuesday nights - and boy, am I glad I watched "House" instead of "Veronica Mars"! Thanks for pimping it way back when, darling. You have EXCELLENT taste. *smooches*

The religion stuff is very rarely done in a non-Hallmark way on TV. I expected the fluffy, church-friendly ending, but overall I was pretty impressed with the way they handled the whole thing. I mean, how many characters in primetime would tell a nun that she's lusting after them? *swoons*

I am so full of glee and House-related horniness right now that I might babble forever... but I won't. Respect for your LJ and all. Look, I didn't even mention slash! Oh, oops... ;)
::smooches you back::

I'm glad you enjoyed the show! I gave up on Veronica a couple weeks back and forgot it was on until I saw someone post about it last night. It's not a bad show, but just can't hold my attention like Hugh can. And what is it with me and guys named Hugh lately? ;)

I was impressed too that the religion stuff wasn't all treacle-y. I loved the scene in the chapel where he told that pissy nun off. I mean, really, how can you accuse someone in the hospital of faking her illness because she wants sympathy and to get out of work? And I loved the look he gave her when she snatched his candy bar. :)

I am so full of glee and House-related horniness right now that I might babble forever... but I won't.

Feel free to babble anytime! :)
I skipped this week's episode. I liked the characters, but the stories are becoming too much the same as they follow a formula.
That's my fear that they'll run out of stories fast. But, I do like the characterizations and this week we found out some interesting stuff about, well, the Brit doctor - can't recall his name.
Totally agree with you on doc Wilson. He's exposition guy! And it's not even done very well. That last scene with him and House revealed the first things about his character (Jewish and married) and after five episodes that's bad.

I saw that you gave up on Veronica, and a few weeks ago I felt the show was heading a bit downhill, but last night's show was excellent! Well worth the boring episodes we've had for a while. And is it a coincidence that this is the first episode that Logan is in? I think not. ;-)
Totally agree with you on doc Wilson. He's exposition guy! And it's not even done very well.

Yeah, I have visions of the writers siting around a table saying "Oh, we need someone to explain what's going on here, write a scene for Robert." :p

Well, since I value your opinion so highly, I may see if I can pick up the repeat of VM on MTV. :)

Psst. Make sure to check out my latest post - Ben's joining Stargate!!!
I have to agree that this episode wasn't as gripping as the previous ones but I still enjoyed it. It's that darn Hugh Laurie. There may possibly be lust involved on my end [as its just a given there's lust involved for me on his ;)].

My mom watched last week's episode with me and this week as the show comes on, she turns to my dad and says, "I like this. This is a funny show." We then proceed to watch the opening segment which ends with the nun in cardiac arrest. As the credits roll, my dad says, "Yeah. Funny." At which time I point out that last week a baby died. My mom's a wacky ball of fun.

The Brit doc is called Chase, by the way.
It's that darn Hugh Laurie. There may possibly be lust involved on my end

It's not just your end sweetie. :p

You're mother sounds like one twisted women. I like her. :)

The Brit doc is called Chase, by the way.

Ah, thanks. It's an easy name to remember, so why can't I?

BTW, I just posted - Ben Browder is joining Stargate! Try not to pass out at work. Oh, and you need to call me and get me up to speed on the first eight seasons. :)
'House' is on FOX Tuesdays at 9/8cst. It stars Hugh Laurie as Dr House who works (begrudgingly) at a prestigous clinic. Each week he and his team investigate some mysterious illness with the patient facing death if they can't figure out what's going on. What really nakes the show is Hugh and his portrayal of House who, while a genius when it comes to medicine, has zero tolerance for his patients.
I actually don't mind Lisa here, though she has annoyed me in the past. On the other hand, I can't say I'd miss her terribly when if she were to go.

I'm awash in a sea of confusion too with the flood of Aussies either playing Americans or Brits on TV these days.

How did I come to like Hugh? The first place I can recall seeing him was Black Adder (which I adore) and from there I think I've seen him in most of the films he's appeared in. I think it was Jonesie who reminded me of his appearance on Friends and his "For the record, you were on a break" line. :)