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Farscape Fans, Get Ready to Watch Stargate!

From TV Guide Online:

OPEN STARGATE: We've got good news for fans of Sci Fi's Stargate SG-1 and great news for fans of Farscape: TV Guide Online has learned exclusively that when SG-1 begins its ninth season, Farscape hunk Ben Browder will join the long-running series as a regular. In the meantime, the show is continuing its efforts to hammer out a deal to keep erstwhile MacGyver Richard Dean Anderson (who has been with SG-1 since its 1997 debut) on board, at least in a limited capacity. Whatever happens when all the moondust settles, SG-1 returns to finish out its eighth season on Jan. 21, when it will take over the 8 pm/ET time slot to accommodate the addition of Battlestar Galactica to the net's lineup at 10.

OK, I've only seen an ep of Stargate here and there, so, um, can my dear friends who watch the show get me up to speed on the first eight seasons? =) And *please* tell me that Ben gets to wear some black leather. :D


ETA: OMG, I just remembered, I heard from someone at one of the Meet Ups I attended that Claudia was suppose to guest star on 'Stargate' in the future! If they appear in an episode together, I think my head may explode.

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