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So, I'm going to New Orleans on Friday and won't be back until late Sunday. As always, don't post anything interesting while I'm gone. ;) Tonight I planned on starting to get ready to go since I've done next to no planning thus far. Of course, the exhaustion coupled with the nausea kind of killed that plan. I'm feeling better now, maybe I at least can finish up the last of my Christmas cards tonight.

I know several of you are aware of this because I've seen comments on other LJs regarding it - FOX's new reality series Who's Your Daddy?. Yes, a woman gets to try to figure out which of eight men is her father. Seriously. I'm rarely disgusted by television, but this qualifies. What's next, 'So You Want To Be A Porn Star?' in which you have to pay to watch the finale, her film debut, on Pay Per View?

I was watching 60 Minutes tonight and got my first glimpse of the new 'tween' sensation Jojo. I almost fell off the couch when they announced she was fricken thirteen. Britney Spears looks and acts less mature. Hell, I don't have a mouth on me that this girl has. If she's actually representative of *kids* her age, I weep for the future.

Out of curiosity has anyone actually recieved a Chia Pet as a Christmas gift? And, if so, are you still speaking to the person who gave it to you?

I received a lovely gift from fer1213 today. It's squishy and lights up when to pinch it. It's a plush Blue M&M! What? What did you think it was? Anyway, I love it and it will make a very nice addition to my collection. Surprisingly, I've seen none of these in our stores here.


Yes, I'm still a wee but excited by that. ;-)
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