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You Can Stop the Weeping and Wailing, I'm Back!

Yes, I have returned from sunny and warm New Orleans to the frozen tundras of the North. ::weeps:: At some point this week I'll post about my adventures, but no time right now I'm afraid. I will mention I had a marvelous time. And because I missed all of you so much, I stayed up last night skimming (no, I'm not going to be a masochist and catch up on every word) just to make sure everthing was good with you all. Doesn't seem like I missed anything major.

Oh, and yes, my embittered, spiteful back up at work did exactly what I thought she would do - very little. But, not going to let it get to me. Nope. I'll just go about plotting my revenge. MUWAWAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!
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Good for you! ;) Revenge is a dish best served cold.

I'm glad you got back safely and had such a great time. Looking forward to your report :)
I'm glad you're back so I can tell you how much I *loved* the Christmas card you sent and how I sat in my car after picking it up at the post office reading/singing it to the tune of "All I Want for Christmas is You". Heh.

I'm glad you had a good trip, and I'm looking forward to hearing about it!
Glad you liked it! I take it as high praise from all the literary types on my Flist. ;-)
I'm so glad to see you back, and hope your trip was wonderful. And I owe you the most enormous thank you in the world. I can't tell you how much you completely made my day today. {{{hugs you madly}}}
Hurray you're back! Can't wait to hear your report. Lynn stole my standard revenge line! ;)
I'll have to give you a full report later when I'm more awake, but Lynn can give you some of the highlights. ;)
Hee. I'm waiting for someone to not agree with it. Oh, wait, we are all like minded and brilliant. ;)
Well they do say "Don't get mad, get even", but I think the words "or even get ahead" could be added to it.

And thank you for my card, it was most amusing.
Uh, not *because* of you, though. Of course.

HA! Like you'd be the first person I drove away! :p
Welcome back, and THANK YOU for the lovely card! It made me laugh, it made me nod, it made me miss the Tiny Texan - heee! - and I even sang a little. (But fear not, I stopped before anyone within hearing distance could get traumatized.)

And I love revenge stories! *sits back to wait for this one* I've a feeling it's gonna be good.
Welcome back! It's not as cold here, but you could enjoy the rain... not! ;)