Asta 2

Past and Current Obsessions Are About to Collide

I'm watching The Josh Duhamel Show, um, I mean Las Vegas, and there's a quick promo for the next new episode on January 3. Duran Duran will be guest starring (mark your calendar dkellergrl :). So, John and Josh will be in the same room. It will be a weird moment for me. If Christian were to suddenly appear.....I'll be in my bunk.

And in further LV news, apparently my months of bitching and complaining have paid off because Season 1 comes out on January 4! Woo Hoo! Between that and Season 5 of Angel I know where my Uncle John's (hopefully generous) check is being invested. Though, I'll probably have to avoid writing "Thanks for helping me buy some hot guys" in the thank you note. :/
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WOOOT!!! I don't often watch Las Vegas but I will DEFINITELY watch that ep!!!
Oh, I loved him so hard.

I have tons of bad fanfic I wrote back then, all starring me and John!!!