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I So Need More 'House' Icons

Was tonights ep near perfect or what?

I laughed, I cried. OK, I didn't cry, but coughing up about a litre of blood freaked me out. And I certainly sympathized with the patient. Blood clot, heart attack, liver cancer all while suffering from schizophrenia but not really. Geez. But, unlike other medical shows that heap one trauma upon another with no relief, 'House' has found a way to balance it all with humor so you don't feel numbed to the soul at the end of the hour.

There were so many great little moments in this ep, I really wish I had taped it to watch it again. How many shows today captivate you with the use of language? Granted, most of the medical babble is lost on me, but there are so many inspired plays on words or witty retorts. Made all the more wonderful by Hugh's delivery. Tackling a runny nose to get it walking again. Refering to the earth as the "little planet that could" - managing to complete another circle around the sun successfully (yeah, sometimes I'm surprised too).

It's a hard to pick my favorite LOL moment. Tough call between "I have a cane and I know how to use it" or hearing him try to fake a British accent. I have to wonder if the humor of that moment was sadly lost on a lot of people.

I'm appreciating the tiny reveals into the personal lives of the characters. It's like real life, you seldom get to know all about someone in one sitting. We already knew he played piano to relax, but why does House want to avoid his birthday? Does he just not like celebrating it like so many of us do? Or is there a more personal reason? Chase seemed single minded in his diagnosis of sirosis caused by alcoholism and seemed more than a bit wistful at seeing Mom and son together. So, was it his mom or dad that was the drinker in his family? And Cameron seems very intent on reaching the softer side of Dr House. Is it just some need to get at the root of what makes him tick or something more?

The show has shown a real knack for hiring good people for guest starring roles and, really, for those forty some minutes, the patient and/or family is as much of a star as the series regulars. The kid (well, for all I know that actor could be pushing thirty! ;) was a real standout conveying the strength he needs to show for his mom's well being one minute and then crumbling as he walks away from her the next.

I *knew* House would take the blame and allow the kid to believe it was he that called social services. But, it was refreshing that the writers didn't have the mother come clean out of guilt. She had done the right thing, but her son just wouldn't understand, at least not now, so, yeah, let him hate the guy he'll probably never see again and not the mother that loves him.

FOX is publicizing the show as a "new hit drama" that means they'll keep it on the air right? ::crosses fingers::
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I'm assuming that refers to your aggrevation at missing it again and not what you were doing at the moment. ;)
You are so right! And then last night my husband begged me to watch the TAM recap, so I only watched House during the commercials. It was really good, although I agree that the anvils were plentiful with the best friend and the tear-stained miraculous awakening.

I loved the line (extremely paraphrased), "It's very sad, an unbalanced centrifuge. I would cry too."
The TAM recap! Your hubby got sucked into CBS's evil plan to suck every last advertising dollar out of that show! :(
hearing him try to fake a British accent. I have to wonder if the humor of that moment was sadly lost on a lot of people.

I got it!!!
::singsongs:: I am so smart! SMRT!

His American accent is sooo good.

Hee! His American accent is excellent, so much so that I have to wonder that people who didn't know who he was prior to this show just thought 'Boy, he sucks at accents'. :p
*sobs inconsolably* I zonked out on meds and slept through it... I thought being sick was miserable enough, and then I missed the show! Waaaaaah!

Thanks for the commentary. I too hope it'll get picked up.
Yes, to all your insightful points. I continue to love this show. I am scared beyond reason that it may be cancelled. Hold me.
Well, I'd hold you regardless. ;-)

Some good news tinged with bad. Turns out that The O.C.'s ratings are down 25% this season. Ouch. Maybe FOX should rethink that Thursday night timeslot. So, do you know what FOX's top rated drama now is? HOUSE! Granted, that may change when '24' premieres, but 'House' is apparently doing better than they expected so maybe we will get a full season run. :)

The kid (well, for all I know that actor could be pushing thirty! ;) was a real standout

Do you watch Joan of Arcadia? He has a recurring role there. Very different.

And I'm having deja vu. Did we just have this convo about a different actor also doing a guest spot on House?
I don't watch Joan so he was new to me.

Hmmmm, I don't recall discussing 'House' with you. And I don't remember any previous guest actors being particularly significant.