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Holiday Round Up

Well, it seems like everyone had a nice to outstanding holiday. No real horror stories, yet, the day's not over.

My holiday started off well yesterday when Uncle John's check arrived. He was very generous this year. Apparently, I can afford Josh, the Angel gang, and a couple of gay hobbits. :-)

Today was Christmas with mom. There were several small, inexpensive gifts to go with the very expensive (as she reminded me :p) ones I knew I was getting. For those of you who don't know, I collect M&M merchendise. Specifically, blue M&M stuff when I can find it. Anyway, my Mom discoverd the Franklin Mint was putting out some collectible stuff this year and she just couldn't pass it up. I can never do justice describing it, so I'll try to take pictures and post them (along with some other stuff I keep promising). But, my dining table is now covered in M&M trains and a twelve inch, lighted (gorgeous) M&M Christmas tree. My mother was a little annoyed that I became so preoccupied with my new 'toys' that I seemingly forgot about her. ;)

Of course, she forgave me when she got her presents. Unfortunately, one gift - a piece of end of day glass I won on ebay - did not arrive on time. So, I printed out a picture of it and put it in a card along with an explaination as to why it hwas most likely delayed. Since she seemed very pleased with the crappy visual I provided (she doesn't think she has any pieces in this particular color), I think she'll be thrilled when the actual piece arrives.

Speaking of thrilled, it was the final gift I gave her (the one I was most excited about) that she was still talking about hours later. In the final box for her were two cds, the Australian cast recording of Beauty and the Beast (with Hugh Jackman) and the British cast recording of The Woman in White. The latter stars Michael Crawford, who she's been a fan of for some time, and the show she's eager to see when it comes to Broadway next fall. She suspected that I may have finally tracked down a copy of 'Beauty' (I got a copy myself a couple years ago, but have struggled finding another since) from some comments I had made recently. She knows I won't give up until I find what I'm looking for.

Now, as she is going on about 'Beauty' I realize she has said nothing about the other disc - the one I've spent six weeks hoping she hadn't found out had been recorded and released. She's *always* telling me about something she's read in Playbill and asking if I can see if it's available. Finally, she takes a good long look and realizes exactly what it is.

Mom: "I didn't know this was available on Amazon"
Me: "Uh, it's not, I had to order it from England"
Mom: (long pause) "You spent too much money"
Me: (rollseyes) "No, I didn't, really" (lies through teeth)
Mom: (ponders the fact that this is an import not available here) "I get to hear this before anybody else!"

Now, my arthritic mother, who has been complaining for days as to the pain she is in and her lack of Celebrex, what does she do? She literally drops the box, jumps out of her chair, gives me a big hug and kiss, and then runs to the phone to call/brag to her friend. Seriously, I can't remember the last time the woman moved that fast. To say I made her day/week/month would be an understatement. And you know what? Seeing her that happy reinforces the whole it's better to give then to recceive shpiel. :)

Tomorrow I may or may not be seeing Kinsey. It was a tood up between that and Tha Aviator. Of course, mom has reminded me she has the right to cancel if she doesn't feel up to it. If that's the case, I think I'll just go see The Incredibles on my own since I can't scrape up anyone to go with me.
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