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House Call

What? I had to say it!

Yes, this is your reminder that a new episode of House is on this evening at 9est/8cst. If you're not watching, you should be. Here is a blurb from TV Guide online today:

9 pm/ET, FOX
It's hard-edged and very CSI-style forensic, and while its ratings might not be burning down the house, they have been encouraging enough for Fox to crow about. Tonight, the misanthropic House must discover what's making a young woman sleep 18 hours a day. Myndy Crist (Six Feet Under fans might recognize her as Dana) plays the sleepy patient.

FOX is "crowing" people. We have to keep them doing that until they decide on next year's schedule.

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm making it my mission to make House's viewership grow and keep this show on the air. I saw some news report this weekend talking about what a powerful marketing tool the internet can be. Yes, I hear you going "DUH!", but I've decided to be that tool. Well, my LJ at least.

And in Farscape/Stargate news, Claudia is now confirmed to appear in five eps of Stargate next season. I'm debating whether this is great news or weird news. Will it be possible to not see them as John and Aeryn?
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