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This is how my pervy mind works

This afternoon I saw X2 for the third time. A friend of mine had not yet seen it and asked me if I'd care to go again. Well, Duh!, hello, Hugh Jackman, of course I'll go!

Anyway, I should mention said friend is gay and was very intrigued by the interaction between Logan/Wolverine (Hugh) and Scott/Cyclops (James Marsden). After the film we discussed how James Marsden is not to be confused with James Marsters. This somehow led to a discussion of Spike and his pointy teeth and Wolverine and his pointy claws and me interjecting "Yeah, and just throw in some oil...". This is when I relized I, apparently, could be a fan of slash fanfic. Any Buffy/X-Men crossovers out there, please let me know. :)

Oh, I actually attempted to make icons last night. I even followed the rules - 100 X 100 pixels and no larger than 40k (mine were 28k). Yet, LJ tells me they are too big. What the frell is up with that? I think it's a conspiracy to get me to upgrade my software. In the meantime, I guess I'll just keep stealing them from others.
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