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Time to Play House

Yep, the puns just keep on coming!

Why would House know that Wilson's wife, Julie, does not like green? What guy knows his pal's wife's likes and dislikes that well? I briefly came up with a scenerio where House use to date Julie and, fool that she was, dumped him for Wilson (who may or may not be a womanizer given that he apparently has numerous exes). But, given their follow-up conversations that doesn't seem likely.

House needs to have the TV on to think. That coupled with the sarcasm? Yes folks, I've found my soulmate. :)

Cameron's marriage story surprised me as much as it appeared to surprise House. As I mentioned last week, I'm loving these little glimpses we are getting into the characters lives and that we are slowly getting to know them as opposed to having there life story unfold in a single episode. Whether it's a strength or a weakness I'm not quite sure, but Cameron seems to feel the pain of others pretty deeply. Which makes me ask - did she marry her husband because she was in love with him or because he loved her and she wanted to make his final days happy ones?

Favorite line: "No, I want you to be polite and let her die" - I'm still laughing at that.

"Between us we can do anything!" OK, *I* don't want to go there, but I imagined that made a lot of House/Wilson slashers happy. :p

OK, now I have a criticism. Please, don't fall over from the shock, it was bound to happen. I'm not even sure it's a completely fair criticism because there are reasons that cliches are cliches. She had an affair with the best friend. Did anyone not see that coming? And while I think her husband could have recovered from her having an affair, the doing it with the guy he goes jogging with everyday - another person he probably trusted - was just too much for him to take.

As for the "Please don't die" and she suddenly wakes up, yeah, that was disappointing too. Especially with House's look of astonishment as if the words did it. Having had a family member in a very similar situation, it's the dopamin folks.

By the way, is anyone else starting to get freaked out by some of these diagnosis? You can have breast cancer without having a tumor and because they can't find a tumor it goes undiagnosed and then.....gee, there's something else I didn't want to know about the medical profession. :(

I see FOX has scheduled Marti's 'Pointe Pleasant' for Wednesday's at 9est.....opposite 'Alias'. Yeah, another great scheduling move on their part. :p
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