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And You Thought Your New Year's Eve Was Boring

Everything I had planned to get accomplished on this supposedly long weekend? Out the window. Friday I ended up going into work. Technically, I didn't have to go in. Everything that had to be entered by the end of the year was, but I had three weeks worth of filing piled up and other miscellaneous accumulated junk on my desk. If I intended to start 2005 more organized and efficient (part of my new year's resolutions) than it was best to put 2004 behind me. Plus, there is the brownie point factor. Out of eight people in our department, three of us came in.

After leaving work, I met up with a friend to exchange belated Christmas gifts and have a nice lunch. Neither one of us could muster up any enthusiasm to do much after that so I dropped him off home and headed to my mom's. Her gift I purchased on ebay had arrived and I wanted to drop it off. Easier said than done and she decided to unload about some things that lead to serious discussions. Not that I don't want to listen, but she always manages to pick the times when my brain is fried and I'm exhausted to have these talks. I managed to escape around 8pm with a mention of getting home before all the drunk drivers hit the streets. Works. Every. Time. ;)

So, I got home, channeled surfed for a bit, ate dinner, settled on a movie and soon after feel asleep. That was about 9:30. I woke up at around 1am. Yep, the new year came yet again without me noticing.

I ended up sleeping until around 10 this morning when I had to get up, run around frantically trying to neaten up my apartment, shower and get dressed because my Mom and I were to go see Kinsey. I don't have much to say about the film other than it was excellent (more humorous than I expected) and contained another Oscar worthy performance by Laura Linney. I hope this time she actually wins - she's so overdue. I had heard the film referred to as "controversial", but, I have to say, considering the subject matter, it was all handled in a pretty tame manner. Then again, I read vampire porn on a fairly regular basis. :p

Unfortunately, after the movie and more talk with Mom, I developed a major headache (not her fault though ;). I caught up on my Flist quickly and I'm sure I can't recall half of what I read. I only hope what I managed to comment on makes some sense. Then it was vegging on the couch watching 50 First Dates (funnier than I expected, but totally unbelievable), Clerks (believe it or not, I had never seen this before), and The Secret Lives of Dentists (Campbell Scott was good, but I was bored in many spots).

And that's been my weekend. Haven't written up my resolutions list yet. I'm actually doing one this year just because I think it will help me to set and achieve goals. Haven't watched a single one of the numerous DVDs I got. Haven't done my New Orleans recap yet. And my apartment is still a disaster area as far as I'm concerned. The laundry is threatening to break down the closet door. Sigh. There just is never enough time.

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