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New Year's Resolutions.....and more!

Considering it's now January 3rd, I think I have to eliminate "procrastinate less". :p In fairness to moi, I was having some technical difficulties. See, this is my first post complete with photos! Do you know how long it takes to download pics with dial up? About 5 minutes a picture apparently. :( I think I may break down and see if I can download/upload my photos at work.

Generally, I don't do these, but I thought if I put them out there I might actually accomplish some goals this year. And I tried not to set anything unreasonable or unattainable.

1) Exercise more - given that I do zilch at the moment, if I just manage some simple stuff a couple times a week it would be a vast improvement.

2) Eat healthier - less fat, less sugar, yadda, yadda.

3) Eleviate stress - how exactly I'm going to do that is yet to be determined, but I need to try.

4) Getting more organized at work and utilizing my time there better (which will hopefully help with #3).

5) Better manage my online time. Clean out backlogged e-mails, bookmarked sites that I don't look at, and set up some filters for my Flist. The latter I actually hope will allow me to add new friends. Yes, that would seem to be a contradiction.

6) Buy a laptop - this goes along with the time management thing. It's a pain to have to take notes while watching something then having to transcribe them over to my pc. Not to mention I hate not being able to burn a damn thing.

7) Write a fanfic - I've got ideas, I just need to be brave enough to commit them to paper, computer, whatever.

8) Complete a portrait I promised someone three years ago. Don't ask.

9) Draw more (see above).

10) Try to be more patient/listen more - yeah, I probably have many more personal foibles to work on, but I'm trying to set reasonable goals.

And now for the Pics!

As many of you know, I was quite giddy a few weeks ago to learn that Ben Browder was joining the cast of Stargate. Unfortunately, I've never really watched the show so I'm a wee bit out of the loop. I asked my friends who have been fans from it's debut to give me a crash course in the first eight seasons of the show. x_h00ine answered the call and posted a recap in an attempt to oblige all of us Browder Whores. ;) Her recap, I must admit, left me a bit confused, but I asked if I could just get my Browder!Whore t-shirt. Flash forward two weeks to me receiving a mystery package that lead to a fit of hysterical laughter because of this.....

The back has a small pic of him walking away with "In it for the pants" underneath. Because, it's all about the pants folks. ;-) Suffice it ti say, the next 'Farscape' Meet Up I attend, I'm bringing the shirt.

My M&M Tree! Unlit and lit. I'm trying to rationalize keeping it up all year.

The infamous refrigerator. As you can see I'm well on my way to covering the whole damn thing. You can also see a tiny bit of my M&M collection on top of it.

And here is a small sampling of my artwork. You may recognize one of the subjects. ;)

Detailed section of a much larger drawing. The rest of the drawing is not well developed yet and didn't photograph too well.

This is the piece I submitted to the art show last spring. The drawing itself is pretty dark and I couldn't use the flash without causing a major reflection so this is the best I could manage.

Completely unrelated, but in my unceasing efforts to pimp House, go check out _jems_ latest batch of icons. :)

Edited to add: OMG, I got all the html coding to work! ::faints::
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