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Stargate, Alias, and House, Oh My!

Brief write up on Ben joining the cast of 'Stargate'

I don't consider anything in the article spoilery, but there are a couple hints as to who his character will be. The info on Claudia seems a bit outdated, they only mention her as appearing in the one episode that airs January 28th.

Apparently Jennifer Garner has cancelled all upcoming publicity appearances for 'Elektra' and 'Alias' (SEASON PREMIERE TOMORROW NIGHT!!! :) due to a viral infection. The tabloids are reporting she's preggers. While I wouldn't have a problem with her being pregnant - heck, I even thought of two ways they could write it into the show - the fact that it would be Ben Afflek's baby? ::shudders::

House Call of the day (what? do you really think I'll ever stop with the puns?): no_detective and other 'House' fans, prepare to rejoice...

DOCTOR'S ORDERS: Fox has ordered five additional episodes of its critically praised medical drama House. Although a modest ratings performer, House has held its own on Tuesday night.

WOO HOO!!!!! And if you missed it the first time around, check out the repeat of the series premiere tonight.

Speaking of Woo and Hoo, it has been brought to my attention that today is the birthday of the wonderous molly_may. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!. You were one of the first friends I made on LJ, sucked in by your brilliant Buffy posts, and I'm very happy to have had the pleasure of knowing you. Hopefully, one day soon, we can meet face to face. :)

The nice folks of my 'Farscape' Meet Up group moved the meet up from tomorrow to tonight because of me. I was honest enough to say I couldn't make it because of the 'Alias' premiere and apparently they just can't pass up the opportunity to be in my presence. I don't really feel up to going, but unless the weather is *really* bad, I feel obligated. On the plus side, I can show off my t-shirt. ;)

I've decided to take a mental health day *at* work. I think it actaully started at home this morning when I actually could have arrived here on time, but instead chose to watch 'Something Blue'. While I'm physically here, I'm putting in minimal effort and spending much too much time on the net (as you can probably tell from my fairly speedy responses to my prior post). Usually the first week of the new year is a slow one, I figured I'd take advantage of it and not feel guilty for a change.

Now, off to catch up on e-mail.....
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