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If I'm ABC's Bitch, It Must Be Wednesday

"It's because last year sucked."

MUWAHAHAHAHA!!! Ya know, he said it repeatedly during the hiatus - the show was a creative mess last season. He took responsibility, something very few creators would ever do (how many times have we heard Joss try to whitewash his shows problems?). But, to actually make that kind of statement *in* the show? Yep, I gotta love him for that. And I'm happy Vartan got to say it because Vaughn's storyline last year truly did suck *and* blow.

Quickly we make up for that with, I shall now dub him, Indiana Jones Vaughn. Because with the tweed and the glasses and the slightly scruffy look, did he not remind you of Harrison Ford in 'Raiders'? And we get to see him kick the ass of a guy twice his size! Yes, I love Vaughn. I love Vaughn with Syd. Learn to live with it people. :p

New Intro! I'm not sure how I feel about it. It would be nice to see some of the other actors featured in it.

I had heard rumors (yes, only rumors, I did not read any spoilers for the premiere) that the show was going to return to it's roots. I missed the SD-6 days so I'm happy with this turn of events. I don't trust Sloane as far as I can spit on him, but there was something comforting about seeing the old gang together again. Though, no one pointed out that Vaughn is technically the outsider having never worked for SD-6.

Did anyone else get a thrill out of the group shots? Syd in front with everyone else lined up behind her and the feeling this is the last group of people you want to mess with. :)

It would seem that Rambaldi is taking a back seat for now. What a relief. Sure, I find the storyline intriguing - to a point - but I don't want to hear about it every single week.

"We had eggs." LMAO! It wasn't so much the line or the thought of Marshall having breakfast with Sark along with a nice little chat. After all, his shock at Sloane being his boss again was extremely short lived. The guy loves familiarity - it comforts him in his stress filled world. But, picturing Sark, perhaps desperate for contact with anyone, sharing eggs with Marshall? That cracks me up.

Vaughn has a key to Syd's house. Eeeeeeeee!!! Did I mention I'm a shipper?

"Robot Dixon" is gone. YAY! And back in the field with Syd. YAY!

For anyone who didn't know JJ was directing 'Mission Impossible 3' I think the scene in the museum was a good tip off. Was I imagining things or did I hear hints of the MI theme song as well?

Poor Wiess. He's the *only* one left out of the loop. I'm trying to figure out what he'll be more pissed about. That all of his friends kept this huge secret from him or that the CIA/Sloane didn't feel he was good enough for their little team. :( At least it looks like he may finally get some action of another sort. ;)

Irina's dead and Jack had her executed. Anyone who believes that's the end of that please step forward. I see you're all still sitting. :p

Now for a few criticisms. Oh, you knew they were coming...

Irina's dead and Jack had her executed. Puh-leeze.

Dixon working for Sloane? Sorry, I love having Dixon back working with Syd (not to mention smiling!), but I'm having a very hard time buying, even with his reasoning, that he could work for his wife's murderer. It all just seemed far too glossed over.

And aren't black ops groups suppose to be super secret? Isn't it the least little bit suspicous that Vaughn, Syd, Jack, Dixon, and Marshall all leave the CIA within a couple months of each other?

Overall - 8.5 out of 10.

I don't have nearly as much to say about 'Lost'. Sure, I was entertained, but I was far too eager to see how JJ was going to salvage 'Alias' from the ashes (Heh. It just hit me that Syd's code name was Phoenix :p).

I know there are many differing opinions on this topic, but, after tonight, I'm definitely in the Kate/Sawyer camp. Forget the fact that the writers did all they could to get them in the least amount of clothing possible, I noticed their scenes together had an energy lacking in those between Kate and Jack. And that's not a slam against Jack who I thought had a couple of good moments (I didn't even catch she palmed the key), but I'm just not seeing a romantic chemistry between the two.

Let me guess, we are suppose to believe Kate is a murderer now? I don't. She killed the man she loved. I'm betting she had a reason. Nice shooting in the bank. With that kind of aim, she really should have killed the marshall when he asked instead of letting others botch the job.

There was a little plane in the safety deposit box. The big plane they were on crashed. Yep, no heavy handed symbolism there.

From the 'You've got to be kidding me!' file - Sayid and Shannon?!?!? That I did not see coming and I'm not sure I want to see coming. I'll say this, she does have a pleasent singing voice. But, what's up with her brother being so possessive next week? I'm beginning to wonder if they are step siblings, otherwise...eeeewwwwww!

I'll have to look for some new 'Alias' icons tomorrow. Some of those scenes were just screaming to be capped. :)
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