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The O.C. - OK, not the final scene because I love seeing the Cohen family, but the one before it? Oh...My...God...that's some of the worst acting I've seen in a very long time. Why did I watch it? I pretty much tuned out MB the rest of the ep? It was a great ep except for Little Ms Suckage. The confusion over familial connections was a hoot. And damn if I'm not finding Ryan more attractive every week.

I've seen in numerous LJs as well as being mentioned to me by someone at work that Syd and Vaughn hopped into bed together mighty quickly. Not for a moment did that thought cross my mind. They spent most of last season wanting to be together. The only thing that kept then apart was a strong moral code - he wouldn't cheat on his wife, she wouldn't be the other woman. They kissed, literaly, over Lauren's dead body. (OK, I have to admit, I still think that was bizzare.) Vaughn clearly states that he has been trying to talk to Syd, but she wasn't returning his phone calls. He wants to come in to talk, she won't let him because they both know what will happen. She states she wants to take it slow.

Of course, what happens a few days later? Syd nearly dies. And I think at that moment something that they already know but don't like to face hits them both. With the line of work they are in, every day could be their last. They've already lost three years together, do they want to lose any more time? So, yeah, they hit the sheets.

But, their renewed relationship hardly seems like it's going to be smooth sailing. Interestingly, post sex, there seemed to be a level of unease between them (personally, I think this was in character and not due to RL issues - time will tell). Both seemed to realize that, great, we're togther again, yet both still have a hell of a lot of baggage to deal with. She clamed up about her Dad. He burned down his fricken house!

_jems_ had made a comment regarding Vaughn having the key to Syd's home and her, let's say, surprise at that. ;) Yeah, it shocked me too (though I was also a wee bit giddy - shipper, no apologies :). I think it was to present to us two things. One, even if they know they can't just pick up where they left off, damn if they aren't going to try. Secondly, their lives are anything but normal, though having your botfriend possess a key to your place and bringing home the groceries gives that facade of normalcy. Of course, the facade quickly shatters when Syd confesses her dad killed her mom and later has to lie both to her friend, Weiss, and her sister.

OK, shutting up now, because I'm analyzing all this way too much. :p

Totally OT, but am I the last to know Trillian has a spiffy new version available? Then again, I can't even recall the last time I was on IM.

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