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Would You Like Me To Tell You I Told You So Now or Later?

Boone and Shannon are step sibs? That was the big shocking discovery? By whose standards? Nuns? Turn on any soap or scan Lifetime's movie lineup and you'll find the story of a hot guy and girl and their parents remarriage. :p

On the plus side, I finally found these two interesting. The flashbacks revealed Shannon not just to be the bitch we knew she was, but an extremely smart and manipulative one. I wouldn't have put it past her to blackmail her 'brother' upon returning to the states - threatening to reveal what they had done to his mother if he didn't pay up. Poor Sayid, he doesn't know what he's getting himself into....other than the obvious. ;)

And poor frelled up, damaged, and slightly spooky Boone. He "felt relieved" (as did we all) when he thought she was dead. ::shudders::

Locke scares the Hell out of me.

So, last week Jack is all disappointed/pissed off at Kate. This week he's making googley eyes at her. If Sawyer is Spike-lite, then J/K has Bangel written all over it. ::heaves::

Forty minutes in we get token appearances by Charlie, Michael, and Walt. JJ, please, if you don't have anything substantial to do with your characters, leave them out of the ep. I would have much preferred more Kate/Sun bonding or an explanation as to what the hell changed Jin's disposition.

Putting aside Michael Vartan should never do accents, I adored the Bahamas scene. Syd, Marshall, Dixon, and Vaughn working togther so smoothly was thrilling to behold. It also reinforces what a waste large chuncks of last season were.

Second favorite scene was Weiss' birthday party. OK, you icon makers, my first born for an icon of Syd feeding Vaughn pizza. How adorable. Have I mentioned I'm a shipper? ;) But, the real reason I enjoyed the scene was that, for the first time, Syd got to hang out with her friends and family, be herself, be open and honest (mostly), not get dragged away on some mission that just couldn't wait and *gasp* be happy. She was having fun! It was all so refreshing. As was Jack sort-of cracking a joke "I don't do e-vites". Hee. (I also enjoyed his later remark in respone to Nadia's never having done anything this long - "How sad for you". Wow. At this rate he may crack a smile by sweeps!)

The new Vaughn - in with the stubble, out with the ties. I like it. :)

Obviously, I like Vaughn but even *I* wanted to tell him to "shut up" and let Marshall think. Good for Marshall finally losing the nerves and standing up for himself. And good for Vaughn for admiring him for doing so.

Now for my quibble - Weiss is part of the group now?! After being out of the loop for, gee, one fricken episode! Isn't some evil organization noticing the sudden decline in CIA agents? And that they all happen to be part of one big dysfunctional family? Two fathers, two sisters, two(?) boyfriends. Boone and Shannon look less incestuous. Not to mention, poor Sark is all alone now. :(
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