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I Liked One Of These Episodes - It Won't Be Hard To Guess Which

Have you all seen that classic episode of 'The Twilight Zone' with Billy Mummy? Don't worry you saw a cheap knock off tonight. Ooooo, Walt can control things with his mind and piss him off and he'll go all Hitchcock on your ass and make the birds attack! Yes, I'm afraid....of the writing staff.

And danceswithwords I thought of you tonight when Vincent went running off (wish I could have joined him) again. You suspected that something is up with the pooch well, it seems he disappears when the polar bear appears. He's the Clark Kent of the animal kingdom, slip the leash off and his true identity is revealed! Yes folks, it's pop culture reference night.

So, Michael was the good guy who screwed himself over in order to protect his son. I know, we're suppose to think him a swell guy for all the sacrifices he made. To quote Red Foreman "Dumbass".

Boy, Walt's Mom was a real piece of work. As long as she was happy that's all that really mattered. So what if you made a man who didn't want to be a father adopt your child? And who was such a gutless wonder he stayed away from home and let a stranger wisk your kid away!

Sawyer officially hit one dimensional status tonight. I can see the writers brainstorming (and I use the term loosely) on how to include him in this ep.

Writer #1: "Well, he's been a real ass up to this point."
Writer #2: "Perfect. Go with that."
Writer #1: "Go with what?"
Writer #2: "Him being an ass."
Writer #1: "But, why?"

After a long silence.....

Writer #3: "Oh! How about he steals Claire's diary?"
Writer #1: "OK, but why would he do that?"
Writer #2: "I thought we established he's an ass. Moving on to the next scene..."

Oh look, Jack's....what was Jack doing in this ep?

There was some contractual obligation stuff with Kate and Sun. Kate put her hands on hips in faux disgust (whether it was directed towards Sawyer or her agent, I'm unclear). Sun reminded us she can speak English.

Boone has left behind the love that dare not speak it's name for the love that dare not speak it's name. In other words, he's now Locke's bitch.

What did I like about this ep? Charlie and....Charlie. The punch he threw was more impressive than I thought it would be. And he made me laugh over his dilemma to read or not to read Claire's diary.

Oh, and CLAIRE'S BACK! Looking a lot thinner. Sigh. Now we can have the search for the lost baby or 'Lost' baby. Hee. Get it? Well, it amused me. I only hope that the group can muster the energy to go look for the kid when they aren't too busy blaming Sawyer for something or picking up the old cave vs beach debate because that just never gets old!

I'm thinking by now you know which episode I liked. ;) Continuing on.....

OMG, did I just watch ep not only *not* focused on Sydney, but focused on Vaughn?


Damn, they actually gave MV some juicy material to work with tonight. I was pretty entranced by the scene where he finally reveals what he's been bottling up inside for so long. Sydney, I know it was shocking to hear all that the way you did, but, gee maybe you could have pushed him a little as to why he looked like hell? It's not all about you missy. Other people have problems too. Even your Dad seemed to notice something was not right with him.

Feel free to mock me, I know you will :p, but I had a tear in my eye when she said "I forgive you". The frozen tear in *her* eye was a bit much though.

myriad69, it may not have been the short bus, but the van came close! ;) Even though how he came to be part of the group still leaves me rolling my eyes, I like that Weiss seemed to be a productive member and not just sitting at a desk answering the phones. Not to mention, he always provides some much needed humor. :)

Are we taking bets as to when Irina's evil neice will be showing up?

Now, for the important stuff.....the preview.....VAUGHN'S IN THE SHOWER!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!!! And one of you better damn well be iconing that. ::stares::
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