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House Musings (Sorry, I Couldn't Think of A Bad Pun)

As I was watching House this evening, I thought of my dear no_detective and how bitterly disappointed she must be. We were about half way through the show and no Dr Wilson. Even more tragically no House *and* Dr Wilson. And, then, it happened. Wilson reciting poetry, in front of everyone, to House. Could it have happened? Could subtext have become text? I had visions of a woman I've never seen in a state of apoplexy. Sadly, it was revealed to be the confessions of a syphilitic 82 year old woman who had the audacity to compare House to Ashton Kutcher. Still, for the slashers out there I'm sure it was a beautiful moment. ;-)

I'd love to make some really deep, thought provoking observations, but, yet again, I will leave those to Moonlash. Events in this episode did help to expand upon some thoughts I've had regarding the relationship between House and Foreman. Early on I believed that House pushed Foreman so hard - critiquing, criticizing, and challenging him more than the others - because he simply saw him as having the most natural talent of his three young proteges. Now, I think it goes deeper than that. I think House has seen from the outset how alike they are. And House is a man by nature who has to get to the bottom of a mystery. House knows why he is the way he is, but why is Foreman demonstrating similar traits? What event changed his life?

Hey, Cameron showed some backbone tonight! Though, that mother could have caused just about anyone to finally snap.

I have to say, it was nice to see House smile. Not that I want him to get all caring and cuddly from here on out. I shudder at the thought. But, deep down, there has to be a part of House that cares about and has respect for humanity, otherwise, why interact with people at all? And I think that smile was a show of respect, admiration even. House is perhaps irevocably damaged himself and in her he saw another individual who chose to live life on their own terms regardless of what anyone else thought.

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