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Definitive Proof That WB Execs Are Morons

I don't have strong feelings one way or another about an 'Angel' TV movie. If one was made that included some, if not all, of the cast would I watch? Sure. If a movie never gets made (more likely) I'm not going to be to choked up about that for many a reason which I won't go into for fear of having my fandom badge revoked. But, when I saw this today in the 'Ask Ausiello' column on TV Guide Online, I about fell out of my chair. I mean, I've never believed that network execs were exactly on top of things, but are they really this out of the loop?

Question: I'm pleased to hear you plan to ask the WB folks about Angel movies, but please, what we need are Spike movies starring James Marsters. So, if those WBers try to brush you off with a generic "David Boreanaz is busy," you'll help us out and ask specifically about Spike, won't you please? — Grace

Ausiello: As you predicted, WB president David Janollari immediately played the "[Boreanaz] has a lot of other things going on" card when I asked him for an update on the Angel movies. But I was ready with my Spike follow-up. "I've never thought of that," he said of doing a Marsters-centric telepic. "I had not thought about it. We always thought Angel would be the character the audience would want to come back to see. We may give some thought to the Spike movie. That's interesting." I can't be sure, but I think I just pitched a show to the WB.

So, they bring Spike to 'Angel' because of his popularity, but don't think that there would be much interest in a Spike telepic? I think I may have to pick up some ::rolls eyes:: merchendise from ::random squee:: now.
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