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Definitive Proof That WB Execs Are Morons

I don't have strong feelings one way or another about an 'Angel' TV movie. If one was made that included some, if not all, of the cast would I watch? Sure. If a movie never gets made (more likely) I'm not going to be to choked up about that for many a reason which I won't go into for fear of having my fandom badge revoked. But, when I saw this today in the 'Ask Ausiello' column on TV Guide Online, I about fell out of my chair. I mean, I've never believed that network execs were exactly on top of things, but are they really this out of the loop?

Question: I'm pleased to hear you plan to ask the WB folks about Angel movies, but please, what we need are Spike movies starring James Marsters. So, if those WBers try to brush you off with a generic "David Boreanaz is busy," you'll help us out and ask specifically about Spike, won't you please? — Grace

Ausiello: As you predicted, WB president David Janollari immediately played the "[Boreanaz] has a lot of other things going on" card when I asked him for an update on the Angel movies. But I was ready with my Spike follow-up. "I've never thought of that," he said of doing a Marsters-centric telepic. "I had not thought about it. We always thought Angel would be the character the audience would want to come back to see. We may give some thought to the Spike movie. That's interesting." I can't be sure, but I think I just pitched a show to the WB.

So, they bring Spike to 'Angel' because of his popularity, but don't think that there would be much interest in a Spike telepic? I think I may have to pick up some ::rolls eyes:: merchendise from ::random squee:: now.
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I smell a WB rat. I can't believe the execs are that clueless. Could they be planning something and playing it close to the vest to reveal it as a surprise? It could explain James agreeing to be in that horrible show The Mountain ;)
If they were smart (HA!) they would have used James in a big The Mountain/Angel crossover that included Illyria showing up and destroying the whole damn mountain. :)
Eh, I think that was pretty much a polite way of giving the brush-off. I believe them that they've never given much thought to a Spike movie, but I think it's because they've never given much thought to *any* kind of AtS movie. I think it was always just a carrot out there to pacify the AtS fans during the tense cancellation days.
At the time of the cancellation I do think they wanted the option of 'Angel' TV movies. They might have been nice to run in lieu of two months of 'Smallville' repeats. :p But, with Joss saying he's done with TV, I do think they could be playing dumb to save much as that's possible. :/
I am a bad, bad person because this makes me cackle like a loon. Those poor women at BAPS have been sending postcards to the WB promoting a Spike telemovie for like a year.

It comes as no surprise to me that the network that thought cancelling Angel in favor of The Mountain and Jack and Bobby has its collective head this far up its collective ass. At the same time, I also think it's plausible that the exec was just trying to sugarcoat a "no." I don't think we're going to see any more Jossverse on TV; the WB just won't go for it. And it sounds like Whedon has had it with the medium as well.
::joins in the cackling::

I can only imagine how many fans out there will truly be crushed by this revelation. I can only imagine what they'll be saying over at BAPS. But, they'll probably redouble their efforts! ;)
I, uh, peeked in. They've got the floral arrangement ready to go and are just wondering where to start sending the postcards. Clearly there was a shift in power and the new guys just haven't gotten the word that there's like 150 Spike-fans who are desperate for mini-series! Now that the BAPsters are going to start sending crap to the right guy, things are bound to start happening!
Gee, repeating the same line twice in a row. Sounds like an indicator to me. A 'No, now please back away' indicator. I'm going to agree and say it's brush-off.

I can't agree with you more about just leaving it where it is. The characters have come as far as their going to in, IMO. Spike, in particular. The only story I'm interested in seeing is an impossiblity. So, yeah, I'm not weeping if there aren't any more movies.

And if Spike brought that many more viewers, it wouldn't have cancelled in the first place. Part of the 'Mountain' stint they had with Marsters was, IMO, a test to see if he could draw an audience. Which he didn't, so...
The only story I'm interested in seeing is an impossiblity.

Right there with you. I'm never going to get what I want. But NFA was open enough that I can fanwank to my heart's content. The thought of a Spike movie actually terrifies me. There's not a single possible storyline that doesn't fill me with dread. Just leave it alone.
I can't agree with you more about just leaving it where it is. The characters have come as far as their going to in, IMO. Spike, in particular. The only story I'm interested in seeing is an impossiblity. So, yeah, I'm not weeping if there aren't any more movies.

ITA. I'm never going to see the story I want to see, so I'd rather not see something that's going to piss me off. I have my imagination and fanfic. :)

I do think James' presence on 'Angel' helped a bit. Honestly, I hated season 4 so much I considered tuning out until I heard Spike and later, Lindsey, would be back in season 5. But, I think James' appearance on 'The Mountain' proved that he, alone, can't boost a shows ratings.
I would love to see a Spike TV movie (hey, James Marsters needs to keep busy as an actor) and they could ven try to wrangle Eliza Dushku into doing since Tru Calling is canceeled (with six season 2 episodes that FOX haven't shown yet).
I have a sneaking suspicion FOX may air those eps in the dead zone of June figuring it beats repeats.
I rather see those episdoes go direct to DVD myself.

Speaking of Buffy Universe TV movies, they could always do a Faith movie.

P.S. As much as I love the Farscape comic book, I'm pretty much decided I should sell those two issues (but I'm not selling my Farscape magazines, those are my precious including the Farscape short story which hinted at events that happenede after The Peacekeeper Wars).
Thanks for the link. I think the reasons Sci-Fi opted to pass were valid ones and made sense for the network. I know if they had passed on 'The Peacekeeper Wars' in order to afford 'Angel', I'd have been pissed.
Risking being outed as a bad fan, I'll say that by now I don't want any AtS movies made. Not with Spike, for sure (unless, you know the one with Buffy and all the good stuff) Mostly I just want JM stop waiting to be called to play Spike.

on the other hand, I would watch if they make anything. Only they won't. Not anytime soon.
Mostly I just want JM stop waiting to be called to play Spike.

Amen. Also, if he could stop singing and acting like a horny teenager? Bonus! ;-)
The only way I'd want to see Spike again was if he was human, and finally able to age gracefully. His personality would still shine through even without the peroxide...although the duster could probably stay. Hoo boy, yes indeed. Not that that will ever happen, but still - it's nice to think about.

::gets a little misty thinking about Spike::

God, I love that character. I'd almost forgotten. :0)

PS Thanks for the plug for my store!!
although the duster could probably stay.

The duster and nothing else? ;)

PS Thanks for the plug for my store!!

I'd actually meant to do it sooner, but the old mind isn't what it use to be. :/
Late again, just catching up on LJ.

LMAO thinking of the 150 people getting the floral arrangements ready! I hope no gets carpel tunnel writing all those letters and postcards.

I'll never get the story I want, or should say, they'll never tell the story I want, so let it rest in peace. Leave Spike and everyone else in the Buffy-verse alone.

Honestly, after the WB/Fox battle, I'd find it hard to believe that Joss would do anything with the WB. But then again,it's a crazy business so who knows...who knows.