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Tonight May Have Been The Strangest Episode of Alias Yet

I became a bit giddy when I saw the 'written by Drew Goddard' credit and it didn't take long to see his touches all over this story. Sure, I'm use to Weiss and Marshall being funny, but Syd and Vaughn??? Those two cracked me up with their protestations against being refered to as "cold" and "Who said we were boring?". Oh, and let's not forget the wink to the audience: Vaughn: "It's Wednesday Night"; Sydney: "We're not going bowling." :-)

And I saw something that's been missing for awhile on 'Alias' - continuity. The repeated mentions of Irina (yeah, sure, she's dead), the books that Jack use to bring back from his trips to Russia for her, and I literally sat up on the couch when I heard Vaughn mention Santa Barbara. Perhaps their little get away that didn't happen in and of itself isn't important to any story arc, but I love it when a show brings up a little morsel like that and makes it significant again. Not only was it a remnider to them of how happy they once were even with all the crap going on around them, but it left me wondering if he could possibly been considering proposing to her back then?

Amidst some good characterization, we also are getting hints that, yes, there is going to be a big arc this season. Jack and Sloane secrety discussing some big plot/crisis that no else seems aware of. The Sentinal. And, again, Irina and that a lot of people seem interested in a supposedly dead woman. I'm beginning to think we may see Irina again, though not Lena Olin. If soaps can perform plastic surgery miracles, why not 'Alias'?

OK< even with all the S/V funnies, Weiss still had my fav line: "You guys are about as spontaneous as my grandparents...and they're dead." :)
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Since we have two weeks until the next new ep, I suppose I could squeeze some time into my schedule to make a copy for you. ;)
I was going to ask why the hell you are up so early. Than I ;)

Woo Hoo! on the successful download. :)
I think if Greg would stop filming every pilot that comes his way (and subsequently does not get picked up) we may see more Weiss.

A lot of people seem to find Weiss hot. I like him, a lot, but I think I'll stick with the hotness of Vaughn. ;-)
What's sad?
I used to find Vaughn excruciatingly hot... until I saw One Hour Photo and witnessed what could only be described as: his below average winky. Yes, there was a lot of rewinding and pausing... and then... disappointment set in. I can never look at him the same way again. The only little winky I can excuse is Brad Pitt's... well, because he's Brad Pitt!

But yes, the episode was great! The Stepford Russians cracked me up with every line! The matching shirts! The small talk and then, Vaughn: Should we bring a gun?" ... "No, one will be provided for you." So funny.

Oh, and hi asta! Nice LJ! :) Smooches!

-- Marcee
Re: What's sad?
Hee. I saw 'One Hour Photo' in the theatre, but fortunately I didn't have the ability to rewind and review closely so my lust remains intact. Maybe you've revealed the truth of the MV/JG breakup?!
I don't usually watch the show, but tonight I did. How very weird! It was like a mix of The 'Burbs and Stepford Wives (the terrorist edition). Very amusing.
I was actually a bit concerned how this was going to turn out. From the promos it reminded me of that ep of The X-Files - 'Arcadia' I believe - which worked better in theory than execution. But, I have to say, I liked discovering that 'Alias' could successfully mix the humor with the thrills and chills.
Dammit, the one time I keep hearing good stuff about Alias all over my FList and just 2 weeks after i complete abandonment with the show. Arg. I missed Drew!
Hey, if you can't download it or find a friend nearby who taped it, let me know, I can send you a copy. :)
I taped the episode and haven't watched it yet. I am excited tomorrow is the first Annual Livejournal Rabbit Hole Day where LJ entries will take the appearance of an entry from another universe/any universe/alternate universe.
I am really seeing the reasoning behind the nickname "Ultimate Drew." The promos for this episode had me cringing and hiding behind my hands. It made the premise look like some 13-year-old's S/V fanfic. Thank you, ABC promo monkeys.

So, granted, my expectations were looooooow, but I was delighted with tonight's episode. The spy twist on Stepford suburbia was lovely; it reminded me a little bit of the hell dimension in Angel. The Syd/Vaughn parts were nice and not at all forced--and as someone who's pretty neutral on the 'ship but can't stand when it takes over in a bad way, that's saying something. The helicopter crashing into the nice suburban homestead, as Syd and Vaughn huddled behind their hard-won brand spanking new convertible, was a great use of effects budget that didn't seem at all gratuitous. And, as you mentioned, we had continuity with Irina and--even better--Jack and Sloane conspiring on something. The best thing about Jack and Sloane conspiring about something is knowing that each is going to be fiercely working his own angle and conspiring against the other too.
As I said to Moonlash above, I feared that this ep would turn out like the one which placed Scully and Mulder undercover in suburbia. (Heck, they were even wearing similar clothing!) But, I felt this episode turned out really well. I am a S/V shipper, yet I agree with not having the relationship forced down our throats. It should compliment the story, not distract from it. In this case, their character moments were sweet, but also evolved naturally from the story. Bringing up Santa Brabara again was a stroke of genius. in my opinion.

One thing I forgot to mention last night that I found truly scary - when their contact instantaneously is able to transform from Russian terrorist to Mr Average Joe American. I don't want to seem paranoid, but it makes you think.
Well, as with most things spy-oriented, the show exaggerates a lot. It's pretty unusual to be able to speak a second language without any accent, at least not without being immersed in the language for a number of years, or growing up bilingual.
Over on FanForum for the Gilmore Girls, we like to refer to the WB promo person as the EPG-Evil Promo Guy/Gal. Among other colorful names. :)
so.. how happy am I that you loved the episode!! I didn't even pick up the Wednesday night touch. Which total throw to the Musical. "Dawn's in trouble? Must be Tuesday."

But yes. I enjoyed it. I am also SO sick of all the anti-S/V that is out there. They are the main cast!! What do you expect!! I want to tell them to go choke on Sawyer Kate and leave me alone. (note I still am Syd/Weiss ship, but hell Weiss Nadia is fine for me)
I must be fortunate in that my Flist is either pro S/V or at least indifferent. I haven't encountered what I would call any really hateful things said about the ship. Then again, I avoid the boards so maybe I missing most of the ugliness.

And aren't Nadia and Weiss adorable? I'm so happy for him. :)
Yeah you are lucky to not be surrounded by the haters. I have mciac who wants Vaughn to die. and Corngirl Jo, who is very anti-show right now. Buffyssolace, and I could go on and on... I might have to steal your FList and bath in the positive Alias-ness.

I also only get my info from my FList.. no boards for me.. I get too tempted to spoil.
Hope you don't mind me peaking in even if I'm not regularly watching. :)

As a life time devotee of spy shows, go with your gut on the "plastic surgery" front. It's only a matter of time before it shows up in any long term spy story. ;)

I want to say there was a movie or made for TV movie back in the late 80's called "Amerika". About Soviet plants in America. Also that Jeff Bridges movie of suburbia where Tim Robbins was the bomber/neighbor. Scary when you think what could pass as normal.

Fun idea putting spies in the 'Burbs. La Femme Nikita did it with Michael:::sigh::: & Nikita, NOT a humorous couple, and so did Scarecrow and Mrs. King! LOL