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Tonight May Have Been The Strangest Episode of Alias Yet

I became a bit giddy when I saw the 'written by Drew Goddard' credit and it didn't take long to see his touches all over this story. Sure, I'm use to Weiss and Marshall being funny, but Syd and Vaughn??? Those two cracked me up with their protestations against being refered to as "cold" and "Who said we were boring?". Oh, and let's not forget the wink to the audience: Vaughn: "It's Wednesday Night"; Sydney: "We're not going bowling." :-)

And I saw something that's been missing for awhile on 'Alias' - continuity. The repeated mentions of Irina (yeah, sure, she's dead), the books that Jack use to bring back from his trips to Russia for her, and I literally sat up on the couch when I heard Vaughn mention Santa Barbara. Perhaps their little get away that didn't happen in and of itself isn't important to any story arc, but I love it when a show brings up a little morsel like that and makes it significant again. Not only was it a remnider to them of how happy they once were even with all the crap going on around them, but it left me wondering if he could possibly been considering proposing to her back then?

Amidst some good characterization, we also are getting hints that, yes, there is going to be a big arc this season. Jack and Sloane secrety discussing some big plot/crisis that no else seems aware of. The Sentinal. And, again, Irina and that a lot of people seem interested in a supposedly dead woman. I'm beginning to think we may see Irina again, though not Lena Olin. If soaps can perform plastic surgery miracles, why not 'Alias'?

OK< even with all the S/V funnies, Weiss still had my fav line: "You guys are about as spontaneous as my grandparents...and they're dead." :)
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