The First Evil (asta77) wrote,
The First Evil

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Wow. Who Knew?

Had I known you dear people were actually waiting for me to review House, I think I would have made the time to get a viewing in Tuesday night. I can work sleep deprived...really. ;) I'm actually quite flattered that you look forward to and enjoy my thoughts that much. You love me for something besides Buffy! =) I promise, I will watch and review by tomorrow night and I will try to never let this happen again.

In good news, I checked out Zap2it to get the overnight ratings for House and see if the AI lead in was helping, apparently so. It won it's time slot! I'm actually becoming confident that we'll have a second season. :)

Speaking of renewals, for the few of you who might be interested and don't already know, UPN finally dropped the axe on Enterprise. The *series* finale will air May 13th. Live long and prosper guys. Oh, what, I had to say it! :p
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